Recently, I met a care manager working with clients who require community services to achieve their health goals. He asked, “I like to work in the Plan view, I find that I can manage my clients’ goals and actions there without having to navigate and click to other pages. But, can I also add services to my clients plan from this view?¬†

The short answer is “Yes, you can”. And here is how to do it.¬†

On the Plan view, a client’s services, actions, and care team actions are grouped together as Activities. Click on the Activities bar to see all of the services, client actions, and care team actions on the plan.¬†¬†
To add a new service to the plan, click the + icon on the Activities bar, you will see a drop down. 

You must do a keyword search of the Services library to find a service to add. You cannot add an ad hoc service. To search the library, type in at least 3 letters from a service name, a service category, or a service description. In my example I am searching for services that offer meals. So I type in meals as my search term. As you can see in the image, the list refreshes with services. 

The activities drop down on the Plan.

To add a service to the plan, highlight the service and click the + icon. 

Searching for a service in the Activity dropdown on the Plan.

Enter the start date for the service and the associated goal and click Save. And there it is, without leaving the Plan view, the service is on the client’s plan.

The Plan after a service has been added

For more information on the Plan, see the Knowledge Center.

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