4 comments on"Help us improve the Social Program Management Release Notes"

  1. graham mccrindle June 11, 2019

    A specific section for accessibility calling out all improvements changes in this area as this is of specific interest to customers/clients
    Changes to help reduce the level of regression testing Projects need to undertake. Often one of the big challenges to projects is understanidng what areas of code have changed so that Regression testing can target those specific areas.

    • EmilyONeill June 11, 2019

      Hi Graham,
      Thank you for your response, I have passed it onto the team.

  2. Faisal Shafique June 15, 2019

    It would be great if each customer can get a custom notification regarding their specific cases/APARs being implemented in a particular release. APARs numbers are there in release notes but it’s a manual work to match them and easy to miss if there are many items in the notes.
    Also second Graham’s point above about code areas especially from the point of view of code artefact names that have changed against each line item or may be at module level. It will help greatly if we have customised a resource based on copying from OOTB which is sometimes the only way to do it and then on upgrade we have to take in OOTB changes to this customised resource and it’s difficult to figure out such changes. If resources are listed, it will be much clearer if we have customised those files and hence we need to merge OOTB changes.

    • EmilyONeill June 17, 2019

      Hi Faisal, Thank you for commenting, I have passed your feedback onto the Release Notes team. Emily

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