2 comments on"Did I already add that bill? Helping citizens remember the form data added in real time (before the summary)"

  1. Rajiv Choudhury November 20, 2019

    Hi Mael,

    We have similar kind of requirement wherein we need list out all the different type of contact details (e.g.; Home Phone, Mobile Phone etc.) for the client. The only difference is that for Linked User this information will be pre-populated in the datastore entity. I have noticed that this doesn’t work for pre-populated information. Can you please confirm if my assumption is correct?

    • Mael Le Bideau November 20, 2019

      Hi Rajiv,
      It should also work when the datastore is pre-populated. The only difference is that when the page containing the list is displayed for the first time, it already has records to show.

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