4 comments on"The Cúram JMX Report Generator tool"

  1. Linas Jakucionis MSD March 02, 2020

    The document says “Obtain the JMXReportGenerator.zip file and extract the file on your file system. ” but it does not provide any information on where to get it from. Is it an internal tool? Do we need to raise a support case?

  2. Linas Jakucionis MSD March 02, 2020

    Additionally, for people who have Oracle DB installed, it comes with a command line utility called xml

    Executing this command:

    xml -s JMXStats.xsl -o out.html JMXStats.xml

    will result in the out.html that’s been preprocessed and it will be possible to open this html in Google Chrome.

  3. Patrick Rushe July 08, 2020

    Hi, where can I download the jar file from?

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