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Welcome to the Limited Availability release of IBM Health and Human Services Analytics, this release updates Policy Insights, and includes filtering updates so that you can more easily focus on the document extracts that you are most interested in and expands the Billing code search.

What’s new in Policy Insights

Billing code expansion

When you search for one of the CPT, HCPCS, or Dental medical codes, the text description for the code is automatically added to the query. This means that you will see a broader set of search results that include results related to the concepts described by the medical code description.

Filter by category

To improve the quality of your searches, you can now filter by one or more categories. The categories are as follows:

  • Client Eligibility
  • Coverage Requirement and Limitations
  • Medical Coding
  • Prior Authorization
  • Provider Eligibility
  • Reimbursement

For more information on Policy Insights, see the Product Documentation

Resolved Defects

  • If you are using the Firefox or Edge browsers, when you hover over the Delete icon, a tooltip displays that incorrectly says provide icon description if icon is used instead of Delete. However, the Delete function works correctly. (841)
  • A ‘Mark All relevant’ checkbox erroneously appears on the filter dropdown. If this occurs, you can ignore the checkbox. (471)
  • When you view an expanded search results card on the NCCI PTP tab, the page number, the next and the previous links intermittently disappear from the page. (456)
  • You should be signed out of the application after 30 minutes of inactivity, however, there is an issue where you will be signed out after 10 to 15 minutes of inactivity. To avoid this issue, clear your browser cache before you sign into the application. (424)

Known Issues

  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported for Policy Insights. Use one of the other supported browsers. (1179)
  • If you are using the Edge browser, the browser may hang while signing in or searching. To avoid this issue, use one of the other supported browsers. (1178)
  • The following issues might occur if your browser window is resized, zoomed in or out, or a combination of resizing and zooming. To avoid these issues, ensure that your browser window is set to full-screen size and the zoom is 100%:
    • The search result card may not display correctly. (588)
    • When you add a category to a document extract, the Relevancy feedback controls can no longer be seen on the user interface. (320)
  • When you download a document, the download window incorrectly indicates that the download source is ‘blob’. The document source is the Policy Insights corpus. (409)
  • For documents with complex layouts or rich markup elements, the document extracts that are returned by a search do not always display as in the document PDFs. If this issue occurs, you can view the content in the original PDF document by opening it through the document action bar. (316)

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