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Welcome to the March release of IBM Health and Human Services Analytics. This release updates Policy Insights and improves how you can view and work with PDF documents. 

What’s new in Policy Insights

Improved PDF Viewer

You can now view the entire PDF document from within the Policy Insights application.

  • You can select text from the PDF to copy to the clipboard, then you can paste it into another document. When you copy selected text, all of the highlighted text and the document metadata in the header are copied to the clipboard.
  • So that you can focus on the content that is most relevant to your search, every instance of your search term will be highlighted in an exact match within the PDF. 
  • So that you can skip content that might not be relevant to you, you can navigate from instance to instance of the highlighted search terms in the PDF using the up and down controls.
  • So that you can keep a copy of the full document to build up a case or for later reference, you can download the document from the PDF viewer. 


Known Issues

  • If you use the browser’s search functionality, any search term that the browser emphasizes in the PDF might render poorly in the UI. (2033)
Because this display issue depends on the web browser and version that you are using, it can be avoided by updating your browser to the following versions:
– Safari v12.0.2
– Firefox v65.0.1
– MS Edge v42.17134.1.0

The problem is unavoidable on Chrome; all versions to date display this problem.

  • For documents with complex layouts or rich markup elements, the document extracts that are returned by a search do not always display as in the document PDFs. If this issue occurs, you can view the content in the original PDF document by opening it through the document action bar. (316, 1651)
  • The following issues might occur if your browser window is resized, zoomed in or out, or a combination of resizing and zooming. To avoid these issues, ensure that your browser window is set to full-screen size and the zoom is 100%:
    • The search result card may not display correctly. (588)
    • When you add a category to a document extract, the Relevancy feedback controls can no longer be seen on the user interface. (320)
  • On the NCCI PTP page, when you navigate through pages of search results within a document, in some case records do not display correctly. If this issue occurs, you can resolve it by collapsing and expanding the results card again to display the records. (1666)
  • When viewing results from a search if you select the view document source link for some result cards, ‘NA’ displays instead of the URL of the document. (1634)
  • When you download a document, the download window incorrectly indicates that the download source is ‘blob’. The document source is the Policy Insights corpus. (409)

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