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Welcome to the March 2020 release of Policy Insights. New features, resolved defects, known issues and other getting started information are highlighted in these release notes.

The product documentation for IBM Health and Human Services Analytics is available in the IBM Knowledge Center.

What’s new in Policy Insights

Feature enhancements in this release are designed to improve how you search for, view, and work with policy documents.

Snippets to improve navigation in PDF viewer

With this release, IBM Watson is leveraged to extract text snippets from the document that are relevant to your search query. The text snippets are displayed in relevance order in the Snippets pane. The thumbnails highlight the page in the PDF that you are currently viewing so that you can see the text display in context.

In the Snippets pane, the following icons indicate whether the text snippet is found in the document. If found, you can open the page where each reference is located.

Predictive next-word suggestions to improve search query and results

In this release, when you type 3 or more characters, a predictive next-word model is in use that processes and returns suggestions for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th words that you enter. Predictive suggestions are not provided for the fifth and subsequent words that you enter in an input query.

Examples follow for illustrative purposes:

Once you select a suggestion from the suggested list options (10 max), the entire content of the query input field is replaced with the suggestion and you can add more words if required. Pressing Enter or Search will run the search for the selected input query.

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