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Welcome to the September 2019 release of Policy Insights. New features, resolved defects, known issues and other getting started information are highlighted in these release notes.

The product documentation for IBM Health and Human Services Analytics is available in the IBM Knowledge Center.

What’s new in Policy Insights

Feature enhancements in this release are designed to improve how you search for, view, and work with policy documents.

Enhancements to keyword emphasis modal in PDF Viewer

In the Keyword List modal within the PDF viewer, you can see all of the AI-generated keywords that are closely related to your search term as well as the terms that are emphasized in bold in the snippets on the search results page. If any of these keywords are present in a given PDF, the keywords are shown at the top of the list and are checked by default to be emphasized (underlined in blue) in the PDF. Any keywords that are not present in the PDF are listed in a separate section for your information so that you can discern the terms that are relevant to your search but do not exist in the document.

Resolved Issues

  • (2829) If you search for a single billing code and subsequently edit the search (by selecting the Refine link and adding/removing items to/from the list), the search results are not refreshed.

Known Issues

  • (3252) Billing code counts in search results do not refresh correctly when you search for a single billing code and subsequently edit the search in this way: select the Refine link, add and apply a new search term, and then deselect the new search term for removal from the search. Deleting the new search term does not return the expected results, that is, the same results as the original billing code search.

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