Watson Care Manager March 2017 Release Notes

What’s new or changed

New features, enhancements, and changes to improve your IBM Watson Care Manager experience.

What’s new or changed for the care team

Share the care plan with others
When you download a client’s care plan summary to share with others, it now includes the details of the client’s current medications, allergies, assessments, and conditions.
Managing care teams
Clients often receive care from people outside your organization, for example, professionals from other organizations or friends and family of the client. You can register these caregivers as extended members of the client’s care team. In addition, you can identify the care team members that are core to the care of a client.
When you create a note, you can now classify the note by type. To classify the note, select a note type from the list. The Notes list shows each note’s classification.
Care Manager Workspace
To improve your user experience, the Care Manager Workspace is updated:

  • So that you don’t need to expand your Work list unnecessarily, the number of items in your Work list is displayed beside the Work list title.
  • The date selector in the Calendar is enhanced.


Client Summary view
Only active barriers are displayed on the Barriers card.
Client action list and Care Team action 
The Client actions list and Care Team actions list pages include any related Goals and Barriers information.
When you answer text questions on assessments and questionnaires, the configured recommendations, goals, tasks and actions for that question are added to the client’s plan.
Adding client data
So that you can quickly add new client data, a Quick Add icon is added beside each data type on the Data pane.
Allergy data
  • Depending on how your organization configures Watson Care Manager, you can search for and record allergy data for your clients in one of two ways:
  • Select and record data from an integrated standardized allergen catalog, for example Health Term or Carecom.
  • Select and record the allergy type, severity and reaction from configured lists.


Demographic data

  • Clients may have many ways to be contacted, for example, they may have more than one work address or mobile phone number. Because of this, you are not limited to recording just one type of each contact method in Watson Care Manager. You can record multiple types and identify which one is the client’s preferred contact.
  • In addition, format rules on Address Zip Code, phone number, and email are removed.
  • You can record a client’s marital status as unknown/ not disclosed.

What’s new or changed for Supervisors

Supervisor Workspace
To improve your user experience, the Supervisor Workspace is updated:

  • So that you don’t need to expand your Work list unnecessarily, the number of items in your Work list is displayed beside the Work list title.
  • The date selector in the Calendar is enhanced.


What’s new or changed for Administrators

Configuring questionnaires and Configuring assessments
  • To save time and avoid frustration when creating questionnaires and assessments, when you click Save on the New Questions pane, the details of the last question you entered are saved. Previously, you needed to click Add before saving.
  • For usability, the wizard for configuring recommendations is split into separate dialogs, one for recommendations that are automatically added and the second for recommendations that can be added manually.


Configuring services

You can configure a library of services for your organization and configure service categories to group related services. However, services are not yet available in the Care team view of the application.



Inactivity timeout
If you have not interacted with Watson Care Manager for 25 minutes, a message will alert you that you will be signed out. You can choose to continue working in Watson Care Manager or sign out. Interacting with the user interface resets the inactivity timer.

Defects resolved in this release

  • None

Known issues

  • On Android tablets, buttons do not display correctly on long panes, or on shorter panes that have the keyboard open. Buttons are transparent, cropped by the screen edge, and display below the pane. However, the button still functions correctly. (190132).
  • In Internet Explorer 11, photographs that are uploaded with a .jpg file extension do not display correctly.  As a workaround, upload photos with a .jpeg extension. (189831)
  • Decimal values less than 1 that do not include a zero before decimal separator are saved as a whole number. For example, .5 is saved as 5.  As a workaround, include a 0 in front of the decimal separator.  For example, enter 0.5 instead of .5. (189278)
  • When files are uploaded, they are scanned for viruses. If a virus is detected, the file upload is prevented from completing but no warning message displays. (190572)
  • When you configure client data, the creation date of the data displays incorrectly if the data is created after midnight GMT but your local time is still the previous day. For example, if your local system is set to Pacific Standard Time, client data that you create on February 22 at 20:00 PST will be displayed in the system with a creation date of February 23. (189195)


Document information

  • Part number: 5725V59
  • Date of submission for approval: 15-MAR-2017
  • Document type:  Release Notes


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