What’s new or changed for the care team

Paying service providers

If your organization licenses Watson Care Manager Community Service Payment, you can now authorize payments for services to service providers that are registered with your organization. There must be an approved budget in place before payments can be authorized. When you authorize payments, the provider is paid weekly in arrears for their services. Payments are made from your organization’s PayPal account into the provider’s PayPal account. The payment schedule is calculated based on the service start date or the budget start date, whichever is the later. 

Creating service enquiries

If your organization licenses Community Service Referral, when you create an enquiry, an email is now sent to the Connect email addresses of the providers to let them know that an enquiry has been sent so that they can review the enquiry and determine whether they can make an offer to deliver the service.

Registering clients

If configured by your administrator, when you are registering clients, you can now capture consent records and referrals. 

If organization units are enabled for your organization and if you register a client without a referral, the client displays on the Unassigned Clients list on your supervisor’s workspace as the Referred To organization unit is unknown.

Client referral history

If you are the care team member fulfilling the primary role, you can now manage a client’s open referrals from the Client’s History page. You can assign the referral to yourself or reject the referral if it does not qualify for care management. If the client is inactive, you can activate the client and assign the referral. 

If organization units are enabled for your organization, you can action the client’s referrals only when the referral is assigned to your organization unit and if you are the care team member fulfilling the primary role.

Filtering on the Client Tasks list 

You can now review the client tasks that the care team is responsible for completing. So that you can focus on the tasks that are of most relevance to you, the following predefined filters are available as follows:

  • My Open Tasks- All open tasks that are assigned to me and that are open. Includes tasks that are due today, overdue, unscheduled, due date after today.
  • My Closed Tasks- All tasks that are assigned to me that have status of closed.
  • My Overdue Tasks- All Open tasks that are assigned to me and where due date is before today.
  • Open Tasks Assigned to my Role- All Open Tasks that are assigned to all my care team roles.
  • Closed Tasks Assigned to my Role- All Closed Tasks that are assigned to all my care team roles.
  • Overdue Tasks Assigned to my Role- All Open Tasks that are overdue (due date before today) assigned to all my care team roles.
  • Open Tasks- All Open Tasks associated with the client.
  • Closed Tasks- All Closed Tasks associated with the client.
  • Unscheduled Tasks- All Unscheduled Tasks that are associated with the client.

Editing notes

If your administrator has configured note types to be editable so that you or other members of your team can review and update notes, you can save a note or touchpoint in a draft status or in a ready for review status. If you have completed the note or touchpoint, set it to a final status. You cannot edit a note or a touch point that has a status of final. 
Because only the author can see private notes and only team members with the same role can see Private to Role notes, they cannot be set to a Ready for Review status. 
Deleted draft or ready for review notes or touch points are discarded and cannot be accessed in the application. Notes or touch points in a final state that are deleted are set to Canceled status and can be accessed on the Notes list. 

Your private notes and notes that are in Draft, Ready for review, Discarded or Canceled statuses are not included in Notes Highlights and Program Suggestions. Only notes with Final status are included in the Notes Highlights and Program Suggestions.

Filtering Notes

You can now filter notes bases on status.

The Share Care Plan report

The Share Care Plan report is updated to include a client’s currently active allergies. The existing Allergies section is split into Allergies – Currently Active and Allergies – Other.

Updates to integrations with external systems

So that you can identify a client using demographic details other than the client’s Watson Care Manager client identifier, the existing provider protected API has been updated to allow a user include an Identification ID and Type, and the client’s date of birth.

What’s new or changed for providers

Signing into the Connect application

Now when you sign into the Connect application, your Enquiries page opens.

Setting up payments

If the organization uses the Watson Care Manager Community Service Payment add-on, you can sign up to PayPal from the Connect application so that you can be paid for services that you provide to clients. Using the Connect application, you can create and connect a new PayPal account, upgrade and register an existing personal account, or register a existing business account.

Email notifications

You now receive email notifications to tell you that a care team member made an enquiry about your services or if the care team member accepted your offer to provide a service. You can then review the enquiry in the Connect application. The email notification is sent to all the email addresses associated with your Connect account.

Withdrawing offers

After you make an offer to provide a service, you can now withdraw the offer at any time before a care team member accepts or rejects the offer. For example, if you no longer want to provide the service, or if you want to change your offer. After you withdraw an offer, you can submit another offer for the enquiry if needed.

Deleted clients in Watson Care Manager

If a client whose personal health information (PHI) was shared with you is deleted in Watson Care Manager, then the client’s PHI is removed from the Connect application and a message telling you that the client’s information is deleted displays.

What’s new or changed for supervisors

Undoing the deletion of a client

You can now undo the deletion of clients that were deleted in error by a care team member. A list of deleted clients is displayed on your Supervisor workspace. Undoing deletion restores the client’s data in Watson Care Manager to the same state as it was in before the client was deleted.

If your organization uses Watson Care Manager Community Service Referral, the client’s data will be displayed in enquiries relating to the client in the Connect application.

If your organization uses Watson Care Manager Connect Individuals, if the client’s account was closed before they were deleted, then the client must invited to register to use the application again. If the client’s account was not closed before the client was deleted, the client can sign in to and use the Connect application again.

If organization units are configured for your organization, your deleted clients list includes clients that were deleted by team members who are in the same organization unit as you are and deleted clients that were referred your organization unit. Clients that were deleted by a team member in your organization are also listed on the deleted clients list of any organization unit that they were referred to.

What’s new or changed for administrators

Configuring the billing agreement

If your organization licenses Watson Care Manager Community Service Payment, you can now configure a billing agreement between your organization’s PayPal account and Watson Care Manager so that Watson Care Manager can invoke payments to service providers from your organization’s PayPal account.

Configuring client registration steps

You can now configure whether consent records and referral information are captured as part of the client registration process. Based on the configuration, the client registration process includes steps to capture consent records and create a referral.

Resetting role-based summary cards to the default configuration

You can now reset the client summary card configuration for a care team role to be the same as the default configuration that applies to all roles. You can also copy the summary card configuration from one role to another. Important: For users with multiple roles, the default summary configuration is displayed. In addition, only those cards that are configured to be ‚ÄėShown‚Äô on the default configuration are available to be ‚ÄėShown‚Äô for role-specific configuration.

Configuring notes types to be editable

So that care teams can have time to review and update a note or touchpoint, you can now configure whether a note type is editable.

Configuring Share Care Plan reports

When you configure the Share Care Plan report template, you can now add and reorder sections for Allergies- Currently Active and Allergies- Other Active.

Configuring support contact information for Connect Individuals users

You can now configure support contact information for your organization that clients that are using the Connect Individuals application can contact for support. The contact information is included in the Connect Individuals application and on emails to users of the application. 

Usability updates to the Provider Registry

So that it is easier for you to find the providers that you are interested in, you can now sort and filter the Providers list page. Providers are now listed alphabetically by default, alternatively you can sort by name, status, or the date that the provider was registered on. The following per-defined filters are available:

  • Active – default filter, displays all providers with a status of active.
  • Closed – displays all providers with a status of closed.

When the Providers list contains more than 50 providers, the list is paginated. 

What’s new or changed in reporting

Deleting a client

When a client is deleted from Watson Care Manager, the client’s data is no longer included in any existing or new reports.

New data sets

The following data sets are added in this release:

  • To allow you to create reports that include details of a referral lifecycle and the associated cohort if applicable, the Referrals data set is added.
  • To allow you to create reports on the consent that is granted or revoked by individuals, Consent data sets, including Consent and Consent Attachments are added.

What’s new or changed in Knowledge Center


To provide guidance to Reporting users who need to run reports showing data for a single client, steps to create a sample custom report have been added to the Reporting Knowledge Center content. For example, a client might request that their data be made available to them under data privacy regulations, or for another reason. When the report is created, users can generate the report for a specific client by choosing the appropriate reference number from a list. The report then displays data for only that client.

Defects Resolved

Watson Care Manager

  • Reordering of summary cards configured for a role is not supported for use at this time. If an administrator configures and reorders client summary cards for a role, the client summary that displays for a care team member with that role does not reflect the reordering. The summary cards display in the default card configuration. This issue does not affect the Default Client Summary Configuration, and there is no impact to existing Client Summary configurations. (226520)
  • Cannot find the map location for some addresses.¬†(226375)
  • An unhandled server exception occurs when you create a task for a client and search for a care team member who had the primary role who has been¬†removed from the client’s care team.¬†¬†(226201,¬†TS000162702)
  • All Tasks not displaying.¬†(220044, TS000107784)
  • When configuring a Share the Care Plan template (Care Plan Summary template), the¬†expected validation does not display¬†if you¬†reorder¬†goals and actions. (224609)

Watson Care Manager Reporting

  • When you view dates from¬† the Custom Client Data object in the Reporting application, the Attribute Name is blank, and the Attribute Value shows a code that looks like a list pointer reference for list fields, instead of the list value. (225432, TS000159948)

Watson Care Manager Connect Providers

  • When you create an enquiry, if you clear the prepopulated response required by date, do not enter another date, and send the enquiry, the email notification sent displays the date as 0001-01-01. For example, ‘New enquiry 3073 for Meals on Wheels expires on 0001-01-01’. This issue occurs only on the email notifications for new enquiries and not accepted enquiries. (228253, 228166)
  • If you use Watson Care Manger Connect Individuals or Watson Care Manager Connect Providers, the administrator must configure your organization name in Watson Care Manager.¬†¬†(¬†223689, 224127)¬†
  • When you are making an enquiry offer, if you¬†entering a unit amount has¬†more than 8 decimal points, an error message displays. Note: You can now only enter a unit amount that has 2 decimal places. (880)
  • If the Watson Care Manager administrator adds new unit type for a service or modifies an existing unit type after a provider has logged into the CareConnect application, the configuration changes are not reflected in the CareConnect application. The same issue exists with language configurations. (221039)
  • If a Service is created with either a Language or a Service UnitType¬†that is later hidden by the Watson Care Manager administrator,¬† then the language or service type is hidden in the edit service pages of the Connect application so it is not apparent that it was selected.¬†(881)
  • In the CareConnect application, you are incorrectly allowed to save a rate with the same unit type and for the same time period¬†as a rate that is already saved. This makes it unclear to the care team member¬†which rate applies for the time period when they are selecting the service.¬†¬†(223285, 500)

Watson Care Manager Connect Individuals

  • If you use Watson Care Manger Connect Individuals or Watson Care Manager Connect Providers, the administrator must configure your organization name in Watson Care Manager.¬†(223689, 224127)

Known Issues

Watson Care Manager

  • The automated processing of payments fails and no further payments are processed in the following scenarios:
    if there is a payment due for a once-off service, if the final payment is due for a recurring service and if the provider of that service has closed their PayPal account, has not confirmed the email address associated with their PayPal account, or has removed consent to receive payments from Watson Care Manager. (229452)
  • For Laboratory test results that are expressed in percentages (i.e.¬† the unit type for the result is %), if you enter a result and select a unit value that is not %, an error message displays. This occurs for the Bands, Basophiles, Eosinophiles, Iron Saturation, Lynphocytes, Mean Platelet, Monocytes, Neutrophils, and RDW Laboratory tests. (228073)
  • When a 3 letter search is performed when adding Conditions, Medications, or Allergies in Watson Care Manager, a blank page displays if too many results to display are returned. To avoid this issue, refine your search criteria. (¬†217057, TS000047126, TS000055247)
  • For systems integrated with EPM, the alert triggered when EPM returns Risk Scores to Watson Care Manager may contain some inaccurate information. The alert indicates that the client has been matched on the EPM system and clinical data has been received by Watson Care Manager. However, this may not be the case as Risk scores are automatically generated for any client received by EPM even if the client was not matched on EPM. (223580)

Watson Care Manager Reporting

  • Community consent types are not appearing in reports when consent records are recorded for clients. (228318)
  • Referral reasons that are manually entered by a care team member rather than received from an integrated system are not appearing in reports. (227874)
  • The reporting application is treating Allergy names as case sensitive, for example, when you generate a report of the number of clients with specific allergy types, allergy names in different cases are being considered as two different allergies. (224396)¬†

Watson Care Manager Connect Providers

  • When a provider receives an email notification about an enquiry,¬† a link in the email should¬†link the provider to the specific enquiry the notification relates to. However, if the provider is not signed into Connect,¬† instead of being linked¬†to the specific enquiry, the provider is being linked to the enquiry home page.(226793)
  • The onboarding emails sent to a users of the Watson Care Manager Providers Connect application¬†¬†and the Watson Care Manager Individuals Connect application contain set password links. These URL links display as plain text in some email clients. If you encounter this issue, cut and paste the URL into a web browser to access the link. (223222)¬†
  • When you¬†view an enquiry in the Connect Providers application, the date fields are not displaying according to your browser settings. Date fields display as¬†DD/MM/YYY.¬†¬†(223535)¬†
  • There is no indicator that a CareConnect session has timed out. Timeout occurs after 30 minutes. If your session times out, you can navigate between the application pages but¬†content may not be displayed correctly and you will not be able to edit or add content. If this happens, reload the browser page to display the login screen and sign into the application again.¬†(222164)

Watson Care Manager Connect Individuals

  • The Show Password link on the Connect application sign in page is not working. (224955)
  • When you are sending an onboarding request to a client inviting them to use the Connect application, the message that displays if you forget to select an email address incorrectly refers to the MyHealth application instead of the Connect application. (224949)¬†
  • The onboarding emails sent to a users of the Watson Care Manager Providers Connect application¬†¬†and the Watson Care Manager Individuals Connect application contain set password links. These URL links display as plain text in some email clients. If you encounter this issue, cut and paste the URL into a web browser to access the link.¬†¬† (223222)¬†¬†
  • Clients that have completed registration¬†¬†to use the Watson Care Manager¬†Individuals¬†Connect application can still access the application when they are deactivated in Watson Care Manager. (218091)

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  • Date of submission for approval: 10-May-2018
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