What’s new or changed

What’s new or changed for the care team

Managing enquiries to community service providers

If your organization licenses the IBM Watson Care Manager Community Service Referral add-on, when you are planning the services that your client needs, you can send enquiries to community service providers asking them to supply the service and manage queries from the providers about the service request. You can also review offers that are sent by providers in response to your enquiry and accept the offer that best meets your client’s needs and budget.

Managing referrals

If organization units are enabled for your organization, the registration wizard now includes a client’s community consent and referral details.

Capturing client consent

You can now create multiple consent records and capture supporting documentation to support a client’s consent status. Note, you are only maintaining consent records in the application and are not enforcing client consent in any way.

Usability improvements to assessments and questionnaires

The following usability improvements are available:

  • To save you time navigating through the application, now when you save assessments or questionnaires, the display refreshes and returns you to the point in the assessment or questionnaire where you saved. 
  • Radio buttons can be cleared.

Care Plan summary report (Share Care Plan report)

If configured, a client’s recent vitals data now displays. 

Sorting Vitals data

To help you focus on the data that you are interested in, you can now sort all vitals data by date.

What’s new or changed for service providers

IBM Watson Care Manager Connect Providers

If you are a community service provider, you can be invited by an organization that uses Watson Care Manager to register as a user of IBM Watson Care Manager Connect Providers.

Using IBM Watson Care Manager Connect Providers, you can manage your organization’s profile and list the services that are your organization offers. Then, care team members can select your organization’s services from the list of available services when they are creating care plans for clients.

If the organization uses IBM Watson Care Manager Referrals, you can receive service enquiries from the care team in IBM Watson Care Manager Connect Providers. You can respond to the service enquiries by requesting more information, making an offer to provide the service, or declining to provide the service.

What’s new or changed for administrators

Configuring consent types

You can now configure consent types to associate with a client’s consent records. The configured consent types will enable a care team to categorize consent records that they create for clients by their information type. To support the migration of existing consent records, and consent records that are sent to Watson Care Manager, the following consent types are available by default: Not Set and Community Consent.

Working with community service providers

If your organization licenses the IBM Watson Care Manager Connect Providers add-on, you can invite community service providers to register to use the Connect application, so that they can collaborate with care team members, and offer their services for selection by care team members. Providers can also manage their profiles and service listings.

Provider service approvals

So that only services that are appropriate for your organization are made available for selection by the care team for clients, you can approve or reject services that are submitted by providers that use the Connect application.

Configuring care plan summary report templates

There is a new section available in the Care plan summary report template. You can select the new Recent Vitals section to add to the reports generated by the care team.

What’s new or changed in reporting

Reporting user interface

To improve your Reporting user experience, you will see a new user interface when you sign in to the Reporting application, and you can take advantage of enhanced dashboard capabilities. The Watson Care Manager reports, dashboards, and data are unaffected by these updates. Your custom reports and dashboards are also unaffected.

Coverage data

So that you can create an expanded range of reports, the coverage data set, which groups a client’s medical or insurance plan information, can now be joined with the Touchpoint data set. The Touchpoint data set groups data that relates to touchpoints with a client, or touchpoints with others about a client. 

Notes data

So that you can create custom reports that include the content of notes that are documented by the care team, for example, a list of clients in a program and their most recent documented note, both the Notes and the Touchpoint data sets now includes note body data.

Clinical data: Lab tests

Reports that include Lab test data in a non-numeric format can now be generated.

New data sets

Medications and Laboratory test data sets are added.

Defects resolved

  • The Status Duration field is being calculated on the customer side. This causes issues creating reports that include the Status Duration field when the customers add the After Aggregation filters. (224595, TS000127754)
  • When 0 is sent from an external system as value for any vital or observation then it is not displayed in Watson Care Manager. (215455, TS000094840)
  • Inaccurate care team, role and core data in Watson Care Manager Reporting. (279052, TS000104957,  TS000112086)
  • When you add a  Provider to a Service on  a client’s Plan, if you add a Unit Type and Cost Per Unit an error displays. (213135, TS000101584)
  • If you create a share care plan pdf template that includes a medication that a client is currently taking and if the status of the medication is modified  from “Currently Taking” to blank or “Not currently taking” the medication still appears on the  Share Care plan pdf as Currently taking. ( 217691, TS000073954 and TS000073951)
  • When you are creating custom reports, do not use the Laboratory Test data that is available in the Clinical Data folder. Laboratory Test data sets are not supported for use at this time. Reports that use Laboratory Test data sets will not generate and an error is displayed. (218814) 
  • When you sort data types by description, descriptions that start with whole numbers are not sorting correctly. (199039)
  • When you are creating custom reports, do not use the Medication data that is available in the Clinical Data folder. The Medication data set is not supported for use at this time. Reports that use the Medication data set will not generate and an error is displayed. (219065, TS000101495) 
  • When you are creating custom reports using the Coverage data, some client data is missing. (218678, TS000085381)

Known issues

Watson Care Manager

  • When configuring a Share the Care Plan template (Care Plan Summary template), the expected validation does not display if you reorder goals and actions. ( 224609)
  • You cannot remove a care team member that does not have access to Watson Care Manager from a client’s care team. (224688, TS000155165)
  • Coverage data is not displaying in Watson Care Manager as expected. ( 222196, TS000127903, TS000103054)
  • All Tasks are not displaying. (220044, TS000107784)
  • When a 3 letter search is performed when adding Conditions, Medications, or Allergies in Watson Care Manager, a blank page displays if too many results to display are returned. To avoid this issue, refine your search criteria. ( 217057, TS000047126, TS000055247)
  • In the unlikely event that within a few minutes a care manager completes an assessment for a client then completes the program and reassigns the same program to the same client, they may see the assessment and questionnaires in the reassigned program displaying as ‘Completed’ and the assessment and questionnaires populated with answers from the previous execution of the assessment and questionnaire. To avoid this issue, do not reassign a program to a client within 10 minutes of closing the same program for that client. (213207)

Watson Care Manager Connect Providers

  • If you close an active or pending provider account you will not be able to create a new provider account using the same email. (222962)
  • When using Internet Explorer 11, when you try to add a Service from the Services tab on the CareConnect application, a blank page displays. When you view services on the Services tab, the services names do not display. To avoid this issue, use one of the other browsers documented in the Watson Care Manager System Requirements. (223219, 223218)
  • If your CareConnect session times out, you can navigate between the application pages but content may not be displayed correctly and you will not be able to edit or add content. If this happens, reload the browser page to display the login screen and sign into the application again. (222164)
  • When using the CareConnect application, if you update your organization’s address and your organization’s details in the one user session, an error displays. To avoid this issue, reload the browser page between updates. (222072, 661)
  • If the Watson Care Manager administrator adds new unit type for a service or modifies an existing unit type after a provider has logged into the CareConnect application, the configuration changes are not reflected in the CareConnect application. The same issue exists with language configurations. (221039)
  • In the CareConnect application, you are incorrectly allowed to save a rate with the same unit type and for the same time period as a rate that is already saved. This makes it unclear to the care team member which rate applies for the time period when they are selecting the service.  (223285, 500)

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