On-Site Training

Watson Health has many different types of users, so we provide a range of training for our clients.
With a mix of “train-the-trainer” and hands-on training for PACS, RIS and system administrators,
to on-site training with radiologists, we prepare our clients for successful implementation and use of
our product suites.

iConnect® Enterprise Archive

Merge Cardio™

Merge Hemo™

Merge PACS™

Merge RIS™

Merge Dashboards™

Tuesday’s with Watson Health Imaging

A webinar series to enhance your knowledge of products you use every day.

iConnect® Access:
4th Tuesday of the month

iConnect® Enterprise Archive:
2nd Tuesday of the month

  • 01/14/2020
    System Configuration (Scheduled Work Engine) – EA Web
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  • 02/11/2020
    Enterprise Imaging Strategy and technology (XDS)
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  • 3/10/2020
    Exceptions Bin Management – EA Web
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Merge Cardio™:
3rd Tuesday of the month

Merge Hemo™:
Last Tuesday of each month

  • 1/28/20
    Basic Hemo Record station communication messages, and what do they mean
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  • 2/25/20
    PB-1000 troubleshooting using the supplied Schiller test tool
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  • 3/31/20
    Hemo Record system maintenance
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  • 4/28/20
    Understanding heart rate detection, and how to correct issues
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Merge RIS™ and Merge Dashboards™:
3rd Tuesday of the month

  • 1/21/2020 – Merge RIS:
    Merge RIS 9.1.1 Known Issues
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  • 2/18/2020 – Merge Dashboards:
    Dashboards 5.2.X Report Improvements
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  • 3/17/2020 – Merge RIS:

    Merge RIS Windows 10 Workstation Troubleshooting, Tips, and Tricks
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Merge PACS™
1st Tuesday of the month

Merge Unity RIS™/PACS™