Advanced Level Hanging Protocols (ALHP) for Merge PACS

The Merge Advanced Level Hanging Protocol Class offers an opportunity to experience three days of focused attention on building detailed hanging protocols for all modalities with the goal in mind of increasing radiologist efficiency. The first two days covers all modalities with the exception of mammography. The third day is spent entirely on building mammography hanging protocols. The class will explore ways to use Skip Steps, Logic and Regular expressions to overcome complex challenges to displaying studies whether they have variations in study or series descriptions or whether there are complex display layouts required. Though the class will begin with hanging protocol basics, it is recommended that the attendee have attended the Merge Clinical Applications Class and have a good working knowledge of the Merge PACS user interface. Some experience with building hanging protocols is recommended. Attendees are welcome to bring anonymized problem studies burned to CDs for the class to use for group real world exercises.

ASRT Category A credits pending

Topics covered

Course Tools and Materials
What are Hanging Protocols?
Major System Components

Matching Criteria

  • Study Level
  • Series Level
  • DICOM Tags
  • Implied Logic

Construction of Hanging Protocols

  • Simple HPs (CR & DR)
  • Multi-step CT
  • Multi-step MR
  • Mammography
  • Floating Windows
  • Skips Steps
  • Regular Expressions

HP Manager

  • Import/Export HPs
  • Edit HPs
  • Copy HPs
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe


  • Troubleshooting
  • Customizing actions
  • Tips and tricks


Customers: Experienced Merge PACS Users

Support, pre-sales and others

Timeline, Frequency, Duration
Duration: 3 Days

ASRT CEU Credits
Credits pending ASRT approval

The attendee should have attended Clinical Applications Training or have at least three months using Merge PACS in a working environment.