iConnect® Enterprise Archive Partner Training

This 5 day Partners Enablement class provides a comprehensive overview of the EA and its many plug-ins as users simulate the entire Radiology DICOM and HL7 dataflow between this robust application and the HIS/RIS, Modalities, Dictation and viewing systems. Attendees will use a number of GUI based utilities including the VNA’s WebAdmin as well as spend time on the Linux back end command line interface checking server processes, DICOM exceptions, system queues and transaction logs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Log on to WebAdmin typing the full URL
  • Perform Patient and Study level searches for data in the EA
  • Perform QC activities in WebAdmin including
    • Edit common DICOM tags
    • Study/Series/Object level moves
    • Delete Patient/Study/Series/Object(s)
    • Restore deleted Patient/Study/Series/Object(s)
  • Setup basic DICOM Remote Application Entities
  • Manually send Patient/Study/Series/Object(s) to a DICOM destination 
  • Manage auto-routing Queue
  • Reconcile Orders
  • Query for Orders in the Worklist
  • Perform DICOM and HL7 Pings to verify connectivity at the application layer
  • Manage Morphers
  • Manage Routing Rules
  • Review XDS and MPI


This training should be performed once the Partner has completed agreements with IBM Watson Health to resell the Enterprise Archive. The training will help the partner understand the architecture and operation of the WHI Enterprise Archive. The training will aid the partner in learning to train the clients to which they sell the Enterprise Archive.

40 hours

WHI Training Center Daytona: Class based training.

Primary Target Audience
WHI Partners

Optional Target Audience
WHI Employees

ASRT CEU Credits


Session Leader
WHI Solutions Consultant

Attendees should be computer savvy and demonstrate a desire to work with and learn technical commands on a clustered architecture. Prior Linux or UNIX experience is not required but is very helpful. DICOM, HL7 and networking knowledge not required but helpful.