Open Technology

Open technology – November 2018

IBM and Red Hat are coming together, our perspective on the Node.js and Foundations merge discussions, and debug your Node.js applications.

Open technology – October 2018

Discover what you need to know about the AI Fairness 360 toolkit, billions of precise fantasy football predictions, and create a web app to show the age estimation from the detected human faces.

Open technology – August 2018

Discover a few key announcements made at the Node Summit in San Francisco last month, check out some new Node.js-related quick labs, and set up a Drupal site by using Kubernetes and Postgres.

Open technology – July 2018

Learn the basics of chaincode and application development within a Hyperledger Fabric network, create an offline-first list progressive web app, and build a Swift-based mobile chatbot to provide recommendations, reservations, and event planning.

Open technology – June 2018

Find out if Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum are locked in mortal combat or stronger together, create a customer loyalty program with blockchain, and learn how to redirect http to https in Node.js apps and on the server.

Open technology – May 2018

Contribute to the open source project Adversarial Robustness Toolbox to help make AI systems more secure, learn the basics of the Rust language, and get the highlights of what’s new in MicroProfile 1.3.

Open technology – April 2018

Find out how we are making open source AI available to more developers with the Fabric for Deep Learning, the Center of Open-Source Data & AI Technologies, and the Model Assext Exchange.

Open technology – March 2018

Check out all the events at Open Source Week at IBM, discover an end-to-end approach to IoT solution governance, and learn the basics of data science.

Open technology – December 2017

Create a new IBM Cloud Lite account for free and try over 170 services, use the open source QISKIT SDK to create some quantum fun, and get an overview of the TensorFlow system.

Open technology – November 2017

Use Jupiter Enterprise Gateway to solve a common resource allocation problem, find out more about the Grafeas project, and learn five important facts about Cloud Foundry.

Open technology – October 2017

Use our resources to get you started using blockchain, including the Blockchain Developer Center, the blog post “Five ways developers can get started with Blockchain today,” and 8 developer patterns that get you up and running using blockchain.

Open technology – July 2017

Get even more context, development practices, and access to code as part of the IBM Code initiative; check out developer patterns, and sign up for the Node Summit 2017.

Open technology – June 2017

Explore the new website IBM Code, which features Patterns that help you solve real problems; read about Istio, the open technology collaboration between IBM, Google, and Lyft; and learn how to use the QISKit SDk, from a developer’s point of view.