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5 comments on"Help us build a DevCenter that exceeds your expectations"

  1. No Assembler Language in the “Written in…” box under the “I’m looking for… to help me prompts” on the Tools (for Makers) page??
    :-0 Oh no!

  2. SandySherrill July 17, 2017

    I’m working on that one, David 🙂

  3. Pete "Ziggie" Ziegenfelder July 19, 2017

    Looks great so far.

  4. Dougie Lawson July 21, 2017

    Where’s that sad, old, died in the wool, traditional, legacy COBOL and PL/I (and assembler) stuff?
    Where’s the 3270 based MFS formatted stuff?

    There’s very few folks in Europe doing that IMS Catalog / Java stuff (despite lots of encouragement from IBM). Most of the strange, lonely and forgotten IMS & DB2 systems I’m playing with (for a daily fee) are still running legacy applications in legacy application mode with none of that funky new stuff. The funky new stuff seems to grow on to the outside of DB2 more than IMS.

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