What if encrypting everything was so efficient, and the ability to set up encryption so simple that it makes sense to encrypt everything everywhere?

Today’s news is filled with stories of data breaches, where private and sensitive data is being compromised. With IMS containing some of your most critical data, you need to protect it from both external and internal threats. Data encryption is one method of protecting your data. However, if you try to mitigate overhead by limiting what needs to be encrypted, implementation can be cumbersome. It’s hard enough to identify what data may be considered sensitive and what is not; but if you defined your IMS data in a manner where the data set or database names do not easily identify what the data is, it is nearly impossible.

With the announcements of DFSMS data set encryption, and z14 hardware acceleration of encryption, protection based on pervasive encryption can be the case for much of your sensitive IMS data at rest.

It’s simple: with DFSMS data set encryption support for extended format data sets, you can encrypt a select set of IMS data in a simple, straightforward manner. No need to identify data within a data set, just encrypt it all. For most of the supported IMS data sets, this requires no IMS or application outage. You can easily start protecting your most sensitive data with no impact to your normal operations.

It’s efficient: with the acceleration provided by the new Crypto Express6S cryptographic coprocessor, encrypting everything is a viable option, because the impact of encryption overhead is reduced.

Take a look at this interactive news release to learn more about this new era of data protection. And keep an eye on this space for more to come as IMS, z/OS and z14 continue to make it easier and more efficient to protect all your data.

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