IMS and IBM Z just got better. With the July 17, 2017 announce of the new IBM z14 and the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V3.0.1, both IMS and the IBM Z family are more open and connected than ever before.

Hybrid cloud is becoming the new norm as enterprises unlock and integrate their systems of record to offer unique and differentiated offerings to their clients and partners.
Digital transformation is top-of-mind for enterprises as they seek to tap into the 300% return on investment and average of $200 million in additional revenue per year according to an IDC study. Key to digital transformation is for the core enterprise to be API savvy.

The API economy is richer than ever, and IMS and IBM Z are well positioned to lead in this market. Foundational to this is the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition solution, which can easily API-enable IMS applications in a matter of minutes. REST has never been easier. With the recent release of V3.0.1, the API economy is taken to the next level as IMS and CICS applications can now easily consume REST APIs and add immediate value to existing (or new) applications. With API producer and consumer capabilities, IBM Z sits right at the intersection of cloud and on premise.

The API story doesn’t end there – full API enablement of IBM Z ties in directly with blockchain, one of the most exciting new technologies in recent memory. With blockchain, IBM Z is in the cloud, offering the most secure, reliable, and scalable blockchain network in the market. With the latest in the z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition solution, IMS can now easily drive chaincode via REST APIs.

API enablement isn’t just about the APIs themselves, it is equally about the transactions, data, and platform that backs the APIs. The platform is unparalleled – as IBM Z offers the most secure, performant and reliable platform to host APIs – and security got even better with the z14, as APIs can be encrypted up to 3x faster than other platforms. Furthermore, a deep understanding of these assets and their relationships is essential, as is a strong DevOps pipeline, to drive the necessary change to a successful digital transformation. Coupled together this can reduce your engineering timeline from weeks into mere days, and IBM Z has it covered with a comprehensive Enterprise DevOps solution.

There is simply no better time to start than now.

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