The ability to import, visualize, and edit all types of IMS database definitions in a graphical user interface is a powerful thing; it reduces complexity and increases productivity.

IMS Explorer for Development (IMS Explorer) is an Eclipse-based tool that’s designed to simplify common tasks in IMS database and program view definition as well as application development. For better integration with other Eclipse-based tools from IBM to enhance efficiency and to facilitate DevOps user experience, IMS Explorer is now delivered through an Eclipse-based integration platform called IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua; previously it was provided as a download from the IMS Enterprise Suite download site.

IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua offers a composite repository for Eclipse-based mainframe tools. Its continuous integration and delivery model means that you can collectively install an extensible and compatible suite of tools and use them together.

Go to the Mainframe development download site and click Eclipse Tools. You will find all the products and tools that are on this Aqua platform.

IBM Explorer for z/OS, the base of this platform and the prerequisite for IMS Explorer installation, is free to download. Notice that there are two versions of IMS Explorer. Version 3.2 is for Eclipse Luna V4.4 and Version 3.3 is for Eclipse Neon V4.6. Unless compatibility with other Eclipse Luna-based tools is required, use the latest version, Version 3.3, to take advantage of new functions.

Use the IBM Installation Manager (IM) install option. The p2 install option is not supported for IMS Explorer. You’ll find instructions for different installation scenarios, including downloading the installation repository file for offline installation.

Together, these tools will significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your day to day tasks, no matter whether you are a system programmer, application developer, or database administrator!

2 comments on"IMS Explorer for Development is now installed through “Aqua”"

  1. So far I have been unable to download using AQUA (a little over a month of trying, I have an open PMR). Our best guess at the moment is some sort of security, but no one has been able to resolve so far. I’m very disappointed the old distribution system was discontinued. I am sure this change will cause many more problems than it corrects.

    • Hi Lynn, I looked up the PMR and understand that, after adding the Aqua link to your firewall allow list, you still cannot connect to the repository. Please continue to work the support team when you get a chance so we understand what needs to be done and whether we need to better document the required configuration in this scenario. Thanks for your help!

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