Earlier in May, IBM announced the availability of the IBM Z Trial Program — a guided trial for IBM Z software in a cloud-based environment, with no setup, at no cost. Now, IMS is also part of the Z Trial family! The first IMS Z Trial scenario gives you a hands-on experience of IMS open access technologies with short, easy-to-follow tutorials integrated into your trial environment.

IMS open access technologies provide direct access to IMS databases from programs that are running on distributed platforms. IMS engineers of different roles, such as database administrators and application developers, can work with IMS databases from outside of the IMS environment in real time. This capability reduces the complexity and processing that is associated with IMS data access.

What’s included in the trial?

In the IMS Z trial scenario, you are provided with a pre-configured, remote desktop environment where all the required IMS tooling and connections have been deployed. With a step-by-step guide at your disposal, you will use IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development (also known as IMS Explorer), an Eclipse-based graphical tool, to:

  • Create an IMS Explorer project from an existing IMS catalog database.
  • Connect to the IMS catalog database within IMS Explorer.
  • Overlay a segment in the catalog database with metadata.
  • Validate the overlay of metadata by inspecting the data.
  • Create and execute SQL queries within IMS Explorer.
  • Validate SQL queries that are submitted from your application developers through the SQL to DL/I translation feature.
  • No setup or installation is required. You are free to explore the value of IMS open access technologies without any additional effort!

    How can I get started?

    Go to the IBM Z Trial Program web page and register for the IMS Z Trial offering. Your trial environment will be provisioned automatically. When your trial environment is ready, you will receive an email with all the information you need to access your remote environment. Simply follow the instructions to get started.

    We hope you enjoy your trial experience with IMS! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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