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Experience the new way to easily create IMS databases and program application resources using data definition language jobs

When IMS 14 was delivered, it allowed you to use industry standard data definition language (DDL) statements to create, modify, and delete IMS databases and application program resources when IMS manages application control blocks (ACBs).

With IMS 14, changes that you initiate to create new resources or modify existing resources are stored in the IMS catalog as pending changes, which can later be activated using the IMS type-2 command IMPORT DEFN SOURCE(CATALOG). If you create a new database, there would be additional steps (not listed here) required to create the data set before the database can be activated and used.

We added Automation Options for IMS DDL CREATE

Because there is always room for improvement, we simplified the steps that are required to create IMS database and application program resources using DDL CREATE. We added automation options that let you prepare and bring the resources online, rather than as pending changes that have to be later activated. The DDL CREATE definitions are active in the catalog as soon as you submit the DDL job. It’s that simple!

If you are creating IMS DEDB databases, the new automation options for DDL CREATE also perform all of steps required to create the data set in addition to activating the new DEDB database resources.

If you use Dynamic Resource Definition, the DDL CREATE automation options use the IMS database and program descriptors you have already defined in your enterprise to create the run-time definitions for IMS database and program resources if they do not exist.

You can create your own run-time definitions for program resources (override the aforementioned use of descriptors) by disabling the DDL CREATE automation options that create program run-time definitions. To do so, specify CREATEOPTS=(CREPGM=NO) in the of the DFSDFxxx PROCLIB member.

Can I preallocate DEDB area data sets?

Yes! If you are an IMS DEDB user, and you define sequential dependent segments (SDEPs), you can preallocate the DEDB area data sets that the DDL CREATE automation options would use. This is important, because additional space is needed for the SDEP portion of a DEDB database.

To preallocate your own area data sets, specify the new parameter PREALLOC=YES in the of the DFSDFxxx PROCLIB member. This ensures that the DDL CREATE automation options use the data sets that you preallocated for the new DEDB SDEP database rather than having the system allocate the area data sets.

More information about this capability can be found in our Knowledge Center.

With new DDL CREATE automation options, we hope you find creating and activating
new IMS databases and application program resources online a simple, fun, and
maybe even magical experience!

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