Announcing the next IMS Customer Internship!

IMS customers who have at least one year of experience with IMS are welcomed to enroll in this unique, onsite educational opportunity at IBM Silicon Valley Lab, from April 16, 2018 through April 27, 2018, in San Jose, California.

By participating in the IMS Customer Internship, you will have direct access to, and be able to network with, the IBM IMS experts in Development, Quality Assurance, and Support. The relationships and knowledge you build here will add tremendous value to your organization.

The internship will be conducted from April 16 – April 27, 2018. You can stay for as little as a few days, or for the entire two week course. There is no charge to attend! However, you and/or your company are responsible for your expenses, including travel, hotels, meals, and car rental during your stay. The lab does not provide shuttle services to attendees, but there are local transit options available. We can provide a list of nearby hotels upon request.

The internship includes specialized tracks for application developers, database administrators, system programmers, and more. Breakout sessions that dive more deeply into specific topics of interest are also included. Many of the sessions include demos and hands on labs to accompany the lecture.

Our internship clients come from all over the world!

Topics to be offered during the internship include:

  • IMS Fundamentals
  • IMS Installation & Migration
  • Tips & Hints for IMS Maintenance
  • IMS Continuous Delivery Service Process
  • IMS Security – What you should know
  • Open Access Database (ODBA and ODBM)
  • IMS Connect
  • Open Access TM (OTMA)
  • IMS Tools
  • IMS Performance Solution Pack
  • Feedback session on IMS Publications/Documentation
  • Feedback session on IMS Futures
  • IMS Dump Reading

The Application Development track includes:

  • IMS Application Programming Fundamentals
  • IMS Explorer
  • Architecting Java in IMS and IMS Java programming
  • JDBC application programming with direct IMS database access
  • Enabling IMS transaction as an API with z/OS Connect

The Database Administrator track includes:

  • IMS Fast Path
  • IMS Shared Queues
  • How to fix an IMS database if one is actually broken
  • IMS DB Sharing and IMSPLEX resiliency
  • DBRC Topics
  • IMS System Recovery

The Catalog and Managed ACBs Track includes:

  • The basics of converting an Online system to Managed ACBs
  • Application changes for systems using Managed ACBs
  • Backup and Recovery of an Online system using Managed ACBs

Planned dates, times, presenters for these sessions, and additional logistical information can be found on our IMS page. Please note that they are subject to change.

Feel free to post questions here!

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