August 14, 2018, marks the 50th Anniversary of the first Ready; message issued by IBM IMS! To help commemorate this milestone, the IMS Development Organization is sponsoring a Haiku Contest.

You remember what a Haiku poem is, right?

Contest Rules

  1. The contest opens May 2018; final day for submissions is Sunday, September 30 2018, 5:00 p.m. PST.
  2. A maximum of 2 entries per person is allowed; any submission beyond 2 is ignored.
  3. Entries can be posted to Twitter (please include our @IMS_at_50 handle), to Facebook (, to LinkedIn (, to the IMS Listserv Forum (, or as a comment to this blogpost, below.

Prizes will be awarded in each of the 5 following categories:

  • IMS History
  • IMS People
  • IMS Functions
  • IMS Tools
  • IMS Humor

Include your category of choice when you post your Haiku; if you do not name a category, the IMS Panel of Judges will decide the category.

IMS Panel of Judges!

The current IMS Development Organization (exclusive of Management, Architects, and Director) will select the top 2 entries for each category.

The IMS Management Team (exclusive of Director) will select the top entry for each of the 5 categories.

The IMS Director and Architects will select 1 overall winner from the 5 category winners.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Each Category winner will be awarded IMS swag, plus a vintage IMS Poster signed by Vern Watts.

The overall winner will be awarded IMS swag, a vintage IMS Poster signed by Vern Watts, and a TBD prize.

22 comments on"IMS 50th Celebration CONTEST – It’s Your Chance for Fame and SWAG"

  1. SandySherrill May 09, 2018

    Here is one example to get you all started:

    Vern Watts, Apollo
    Leading to the moon shot
    That still runs the world

  2. Hooman Tarahom May 09, 2018

    IMStill Here!

  3. Shy Slaton May 09, 2018

    region term-pending
    please don’t make me modify
    i wait and i pray

    • Shy Slaton July 13, 2018

      Are we supposed to explain them? This one is about the fear I have when I do a display active and see that thread in status term pending. Is it a file manager user that has canceled their TSO session without exiting? I don’t know, but if the stop region cancel doesn’t get the job done I’m going to be modifying down the region… oh well, it is test….

  4. Louis Ippolito May 11, 2018

    Would could in lpar
    I like green screens and hdam
    Sam Sam I M S

  5. From the olden times
    Now most modern of platforms
    It is My System

  6. Shy Slaton May 26, 2018

    Von Braun’s Saturn V
    We keep the inventory
    IMS ready

  7. Glenn Galler May 30, 2018

    Database Manger
    Typical spelling mistake
    Transaction Manger

  8. Glenn Galler May 30, 2018

    The IMS Family
    Is close knit and excellent
    And known far and wide

  9. From wide scope full-function
    to specific fast-path option,
    you will always get a right solution.

    • SandySherrill June 22, 2018

      Hi Manuel! I love the rhymes in your poem; there are too many syllables for a Haiku poem, though. First line = 5 syllables, second line = 7, 3rd line = 5 syllables. Do you want to give it another try?

  10. Steve Potkonjak June 27, 2018

    Full Function is one
    Fast Path pushes out as two
    HALDB breaks free

  11. GrahamHannington June 27, 2018

    What counts the blossoms
    That bloom in the big blue cloud?
    IMS PA

    (Category: IMS Tools)

  12. GrahamHannington June 28, 2018

    Promises are made
    In a flash, kept in segments;
    Fleeting, evergreen

    (Category: IMS Functions)

    • GrahamHannington July 11, 2018

      My first entry was a shameless attention grab for IMS Performance Analyzer (oops, I did it again), eschewing any higher artistic merit.

      This second entry is a more serious attempt. At the risk of taking it too seriously…

      “Promises” is a poetic proxy for the more prosaic “transactions”.

      The second and third lines juxtapose impermanence and permanence.

      “made / In a flash” refers to both the speed at which transactions occur and to present-day storage technology.

      “segments” is IMS terminology; “kept in…” evokes the security of segments, and differentiates the concepts of how, and where, promises are made and kept.

      The comma in “Fleeting, evergreen” echoes the two-part structure of the previous line, “In a flash, kept in segments”. “Fleeting” refers to flash; “evergreen” refers to segments.

      “Fleeting” refers (again) to speed, but also to the possibly ephemeral nature of the storage technology; whereas “evergreen” implies the permanence of segments and, leaning on the technical use of the term “evergreen”, their everlasting currency. The use of “evergreen” is also intended to lend “segments” a naturalistic interpretation.

      This haiku is about IMS. It is also about human experience: we make promises in an instant that we keep over time in a series of connected acts.

  13. Wingtip warrior
    Your coffee stain is your bond
    IMS lives on

  14. IMS 50
    A haiku-writing contest
    Sandy has the swag

  15. * IMS History
    Help us solve to win
    a contest – first man to moon.
    DL/I … READY

    * IMS Functions
    For security
    and availabilty
    IMS starlight

  16. – IMS History
    Help us solve to win
    a contest – first man to moon.
    DL/I … READY

    – IMS Functions
    For security
    and availabilty,
    IMS starlight.

  17. IMS Humor:

    I am sixty-five
    But am the youngest at our
    IMS meetings

  18. SandySherrill October 18, 2018

    Thanks everyone for your contributions! Sept 30 was the final day for submissions. We’ll have results for you soon!

  19. SandySherrill November 27, 2018

    Check out the winning entries here:

    Thanks to all who participated – the IMS Family rocks!

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