50 Years of IBM IMS

Modernization of mainframe resources and assets is a strategic imperative for IBM as well as its clients. It makes sense to partner with our IMS clients and their account teams to ensure that we’re all successful.

We created the IMS Makerspace with this objective in mind.

The Scoop

IMS Makerspace is a collaborative program in which the IMS Development team assists our clients as they modernize their IMS environment. IMS modernization has 4 focus areas:

  • Extending existing or developing new IMS applications with Java
  • Opening access to the IMS DB server with JDBC and SQL
  • Integrating IMS assets into enterprise DevOps Pipeline
  • Opening IMS transactions and database access as APIs

During a single or multi-day engagement, IMS subject matter experts work hand-in-hand with clients to provide technical education, Design Thinking exercises, and the opportunity to extend the collaboration from prototype to production. One of the key aspects of the Makerspace engagement is the focus on Design Thinking to help us surface and understand the clients’ current business scenarios, identify any associated pain points, and brainstorm on potential modernization solutions. This approach helps ensure that we are co-creating a valuable solution. A win-win for all involved!

In other words, a successful outcome of IMS Makerspace means that our clients are positioned to take advantage of the new and powerful capabilities that IMS has to offer, including IMS capability that is synergistic with new z/OS capability, like z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition.

What’s in it for me?

IMS has been around for 50 years. Its longevity is unprecedented in the industry, and it stands to reason that the worldwide IMS ecosystem (clients, business partners, ISVs, as well as IBMers) intends to keep IMS vibrant and thriving well into the future. Makerspace engagements result in a satisfied and motivated client base, all of whom understand the broader IT ecosystem in which IMS plays a foundational role. Clients can find new value from their IMS assets. Account teams can help clients complement their modernized IMS infrastructure with compelling new technology. Business partners can deliver new solutions to maximize IMS hallmarks of service. A win-win for all involved!

IMS Makerspace with Tools

Real-life Makerspace examples

Fiducia-GAD is one of our earliest Makerspace collaborators. They identified Java as a strategic initiative and set a course to Java-enable up to 90% of their IMS transactions. Doing so means that IMS transactions can be presented to Z-agnostic front-end developers via APIs, accelerating the creation of–and associated revenue from–new services. This also extends the life and value of its IMS applications. Currently, 20% of their workload is comprised of these Java-enabled IMS transactions, which translates to 180 million per day.

Recently, we had a Makerspace one-day engagement with a major U.S. insurance company in which we identified a number of modernization targets, including Java, APIs, and DevOps. The collaborative nature of the engagement, plus the variety of skilled IMS talent involved, allowed us to identify multiple projects that we will pursue together in a continued collaboration. Without this engagement, we would have missed out on this opportunity.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in an IMS Makerspace engagement, fill in our IMS Makerspace form located here. We look forward to hearing from:

  • Current IMS clients
  • Business Partners working with IMS clients on modernization
  • IBM IMS Account Teams helping your client modernize

We’re excited about the possibilities that IMS Makerspace offers – are you?

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