In today’s business, quick access to development and test environments is critical. The mainframe learning curve throws challenges not only to new practitioners but also to teams that are more focused on front-end development. With IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF), you can take advantage of cloud functionality on your z/OS system with the optional IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management (CP&M) plug-in.

Using this plug-in, you can dynamically request IMS resources in a simple and secure way. The IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management plug-in manages the end-to-end cycle of each IMS instance so you can dynamically provision and de-provision an IMS subsystem, all through the web user interface. It makes the lifecycle of development easier since developers don’t have to spend time and energy manually configuring the resources. Also, the test teams can have their customized test environment set up on cloud.

What you can get from the latest templates

Our latest templates offer:

  • Support for provisioning on a Data Facility System Managed Storage (DFSMS) managed environment.

    You can choose whether to manually specify a volume for the newly allocated instance datasets or rely on DFSMS.

  • Consolidated z/OSMF and CP&M workflows.

    Previously, two separate workflows could be used with z/OSMF: Cloud Provisioning and Management or the z/OSMF Workflow UI. Now a single workflow supports both.

  • The IMS System provisioning template now supports the following new actions:
    • Start – Starts all IMS resources, the IMS Control region, and IMS Connect.
    • Stop – Stops all IMS resources, the IMS Control region, and IMS Connect.
    • Previously, a user could only provision or de-provision an IMS instance. Now a user can start and stop a provisioned IMS instance and its resources as needed.

      An overview of z/OSMF and CP&M

      The IBM CP&M plug-in that is embedded in z/OSMF enables IBM z/OS users to adapt to hybrid cloud capabilities. It brings z/OS software subsystem capabilities to cloud environments. The workflows are hosted on z/OSMF, allowing you to create software service templates. The template is then run, and the instance is provisioned. You can track the provisioned instance and also perform specific actions, which are defined within the workflow, on that instance. With IBM CP&M, you can focus on application development and not spend time and resources in configuring IMS components.

      The workflow is a user-defined xml file that has a series of steps to perform once the user request is made. The workflow steps includes various actions for setting up guided jobs, commands, running scripts, submitting job control language (JCL), or any other activity that configures the subsystem. Using conditional statements in the workflow, you can skip steps or even run under different user IDs for security purposes. You can customize the workflows with variables that are defined in an external variable properties file. In this framework, you can customize your service in as detailed or as economic a manner as you need.

      CP&M software service templates are based on z/OSMF workflows. Multiple software service instances can be provisioned from a single template. The instances and their resources can be isolated by associating them to different cloud domains.

      Try it for free

      The IBM Z Trial Program offers you IBM CP&M for z/OS and additional IBM Z capabilities today at zero cost, and with no installation required. You can find more information here.

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