Have you ever wondered how IMS performance is impacted when migrating to the latest and greatest version? Well, the IMS 15 Performance team did the work for you. Check out the IMS 15 Performance Evaluation Summary white paper for details.

IMS 15 has been available since October 2017, and since then the IMS Performance Team, based out of the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratories, have been busy evaluating its performance and how it compares to IMS 13 and IMS 14.

All performance evaluations were taken under a controlled laboratory environment with the following hardware and software.

  • IBM z14 mainframe
  • z/OS V2.2
  • CICS V5.2
  • Java 8 Service Release 5
  • Db2 for z/OS Version 12
  • IRLM V2.3
  • TPNS V3 Release 5

Comparative evaluations between IMS versions were made using the Internal Transaction Rate (ITR) metric; in other words, what transaction rates would be achieved if processors were running at full capacity.

IMS 15 Base Workload Performance

Evaluations were taken using the following base workloads:

  • Fast Path
  • Full Function with High Availability Large Database (HALDB)
  • Data Sharing Full Function (DSFF) with HALDB and Shared Queues
  • Customer Information Control System (CICS) with IMS DB
  • z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V3.0.10
  • IMS TM with Db2 for z/OS
  • Open Database Manager (ODBM)

All IMS 15 measurements were taken with Managed Application Control Block (ACB) enabled to fall in line with IMS future direction.

Comparing the ITR values between IMS 15 with Managed ACB versus IMS 14, some of the base workloads showed slight improvement while others were negligible.

IMS 15 Enhancements Performance

Along with the base workloads, the following IMS 15 Enhancements were evaluated:

  • IMS 15 with Managed ACB vs IMS 15 without Managed ACB
  • IMS 15 Logger Media Manager Support for High Performance FICON (zHPF) and zHyperWrite
  • IMS 15 Fast Path Encryption
  • IMS 15 Network Security Credential Propagation

IMS 14 Enhancement Performance

We also evaluated some of the enhancements that were released in IMS 14 while running in the IMS 15 environment:

  • IMS 14 Open Transaction Manger Access (OTMA) Resume TPIPE Parallelism
  • IMS 14 JMP 64-bit support
  • IMS 14 External Subsystem Attach Facility (ESAF) Thread Connection Pooling

Some of the IMS 15 and IMS 14 enhancements saw some noteworthy improvements in performance. To get the full story about the results, go check out the IMS 15 Performance white paper.

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