The IMS development lab understands that going forward, the IMS Catalog will be central to IMS Database administration tasks, especially when using DDL (Data Definition Language). Because of this, a team was put together whose charter was to ensure that any future IMS Catalog changes in an IMS Managed ACB environment can be implemented without an outage. The first set of changes the development team embarked on was “non-structural” changes. Specifically, changes to DATATYPE= parameter on FIELD statements in the catalog DBD so those fields can be easily viewed by IMS Explorer for Development (E4D) or other JDBC-based tools.

Changes to IMS Catalog:

APAR PH14668, changes DATATYPE=CHAR to DATATYPE=BINARY for the following fields:

  • HEADER segment: ACTTS & PNDTS fields

APAR PH14668, changes DATATYPE=TIMESTAMP to DATATYPE=CHAR for the following fields:

  • HEADER segment: PACTTS, PPNDTS fields
  • DBD segment: TSVERS field
  • PSB segment: TSVERS field
  • PCB segment: DBDTS field
  • DBDXREF segment: TSVERS field

How to implement the changes:

Here is the simple three-step process for making this change to your IMS catalog:

  1. IMS Lab will provide the modified DBD source and object modules with the new DATATYPE= value.
  2. In an IMS managed ACB, environment, run DFS3UACB with ACBGEN control card of BUILD DBD=(DFSCD000), BLDPSB=NO and Catalog populate utility control card of MANAGEDACBS=STAGE.
  3. Issue the following IMPORT command to bring the changed DFSCD000 online:

APAR PH14668 provides DATATYPE= changes to certain fields in the IMS catalog without any outages in an IMS Managed ACB environment.

For more information about IMS Catalog changes, be sure to check out the Knowledge Center. Also, don’t forget to check out our IMS Community page as well as subscribe to the eNews for the latest updates from the IMS team, such as this blog!

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