Testing the web service

Now that you have deployed your application you can test the web service using a web service client. For example you could use the web service Explorer provided by RAD. To find the address at which your web service is available you can look in the Liberty messages.log file for the following lines:

CWWKZ0018I: Starting application OSGiApplication.

SRVE0169I : Loading Web Module: OSGiWebWithJAX-WS

SRVE0250I : Web Module OSGiWebWithJAX-WS has been bound to default_host.

CWWKT0016I: Web application available (default_host): http://hostname:port/JAX-WS/Services/

CWWKZ0001I: Application OSGiApplication started in 1.914 seconds.

You can query your web service WSDL by simply appending your web service name and the WSDL parameter as shown below:


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