Deployment options

When dealing with CICS Liberty you have different deployment options. This section gives a brief overview of such options.

The first set of options relies on Liberty deployment options. These are:

  • Dropin directory
  • Definition in the server.xml

In addition to the Liberty deployment mechanism an extra CICS deployment option exists in CICS, which enables you to package Liberty applications inside CICS bundles.

Liberty deployment process

When using common Liberty deployment options you can use one of the following options:

  • Dropin directory
  • An application reference in the server.xml

The dropin mechanism consists of a directory that is periodically scanned by Liberty. If there are any new applications inside this directory than the Liberty configuration is updated with the changes so that the new application is deployed.This approach is suitable in development environments.

The reference in the server.xml consist of a set of statements in server.xml which locate the application and define its properties such as security settings. These must be created manually

For more details on Liberty deploy process please refer to Deploying web applications directly to a Liberty JVM Server.

CICS deployment process

With CICS TS you have the possibility to package Web applications inside CICS bundle projects. In this case you have to reference Liberty applications (WARs, or EBAs) as components within the CICS bundle. The CICS bundle deployment process from CICS Explorer then automates the creation of the application reference using the the installApps.xml configuration file which is included from server.xml. This approach is to be preferred in a production environment.

Note: If you have WAB, or plain OSGi bundle applications you need to package them into an EBA bundle in order to reference them from a CICS bundle that you want to install in the CICS Liberty JVM server.

For more details on CICS deployment process please refer to Deploying a web application in a CICS bundle to a Liberty JVM server.

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