What is JZOS? What is it used for? And what do you need to get going?

The tutorial assumes that you have:

  • Eclipse or equivalent IDE installed on your workstation.
  • IBM SDK for z/OS Java Technology Edition installed on a z/OS system.
    • Both JZOS Toolkit and JZOS Batch Launcher are included in the IBM SDK for z/OS Java Technology Edition.

Java applications on z/OS may run in the following execution environments:

  • Traditional mainframe batch environment
  • Unix System Services (USS), an environment similar to Unix

By the end of this tutorial, as a Java developer, you will be able to deploy your Java application from both execution environments.

Let’s start out with a fictional user story based on real business scenario. As a Java developer for an insurance company, I am tasked with creating a batch processing application that maintains unresolved claims for the company. Claim data are stored in a database that runs in a z/OS mainframe environment.

There are two parts to our batch processing application.

  1. The first part is a mainframe batch job running a Java application that reads incoming claims data from a database and checks if the claim is payable to the insured. This batch job dumps the name of the insured, his or her address, and the claim amount into a flat file on the mainframe if the claim is payable.
  2. The second part of our batch processing application is a Java program that reads the flat file containing payee information and print checks to all the payees.

For this specific tutorial, we will focus on the second part of our batch processing application. Since it’s a very simple Java program, we should get this up and running in minutes.

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