Why Rocket Data Virtualization?

“This section provides you with an understanding of why you should choose Rocket Data Virtualization (Rocket DV) technology when developing real-time integrations with data on and off z Systems.”

Advantages over using ETL technologies to move mainframe data

Rocket DV offers several advantages over traditional data integration methods that rely on technologies that extract, transform and load (ETL) move mainframe data.

  • Data remains highly secure because it never leaves the mainframe environment
  • Data is available in real-time because it is access virtually, not copied and moved
  • Lower TCO – IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) offload

Advantages over using data connectors for mainframe data access

Rocket DV offers several advantages over using data adapters/connectors to access mainframe data.”

  • Provides a single data services layer that eliminates the complexity of maintaining multiple redundant data connectors
  • Eliminates scalability issues associated with I/O between off-host connectors and mainframe data sources
  • Provides more robust ability to join multiple disconnected data sources on and off-host to create virtual data tables – not simple point-to-point connectivity
  • Full transparency and management across all data services

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