This section assumes you have already installed and configured the Rocket DV Server Component on your mainframe and installed the Client Component on your development machine.

Here is a short video tutorial to take review the steps for creating a virtual table with Rocket DV.

To facilitate SQL (JDBC) or NoSQL (MongoDB) access to your mainframe data, use the Rocket DV Studio to create the metadata on the Rocket DV server. The metadata is used to reference source libraries that already exist on your mainframe.

To complete the procedure that follows, requires that you have some mainframe systems programming knowledge. You may want to enlist the help of a mainframe systems engineer or a database administrator.

For example, to virtualize a VSAM cluster you will need to know the location of the copybook that describes the data layout and additional information, such as the location of the VSAM cluster itself.


  1. Open the Rocket DV Studio and connect to the Rocket DV server.
  2. Use the Create Source Library wizard to create virtual source libraries that reference data layouts on the mainframe.
  3. create source library

  4. Using a member from within a virtual source library, create a virtual representation of the data that you want to access:
  5. run virtual table wizard

  6. For SQL access to data, select and run the Virtual Table wizard that is appropriate for the data that you want to access.
  7. noSQL access to data

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