Combine modern web JavaScript + Node.js applications with the benefits of z Systems hardware, monitoring, and security

High performance JavaScript for Linux on z Systems

  • Highly scalable, event-driven platform with non-blocking I/O
  • Thousands of concurrent connections with minimal overhead
  • Up to 57% better performance over V1.1 on Octane*
  • Up to 52% better performance over Intel on AcmeAir*

z Systems connectivity

  • Co-locate Node.js apps for reduced latency accessing z/OS data/services
  • Up to 2x better throughput, 60% faster response time to DB2 on z/OS*

Security and dependability

  • Leverages the trusted environments of z Systems to maximize security and uptime of critical Node.js applications.

Unified diagnostics tooling with IBM SDKs for Java®

  • Monitor your application with IBM Health Center
  • Debug your application using Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer

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