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Develop Java on z!

Take advantage of pre-existing assets, artifacts, processes, core competencies, and platform strengths.

There are 9 million Java developers in the world and 80% of the world’s corporate data resides or originates on the mainframe.

Combine that fact with powerful performance and specialty offload engines, makes it a no brainer to get started with Java on z today!

JZOS API Toolkit

The JZOS Java APIs are a set of helper classes that allow Java developers to write applications for z quickly and easily just like the way they would code on the common Linux or Windows platform.

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CICS provides a first class Java environment, with additional Java EE functionality delivered through embedding IBM Websphere Liberty. Enabling you to write once, deploy anywhere.

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You can write Java applications to access IMS databases and process IMS transactions within IMS

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Rocket Data Virtualization

Rocket DV enables data from multiple, disconnected sources to be virtually integrated into a single, logical data source and shared with any application, providing the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

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