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A client feedback program for IBM IMS. Its focus aligns with Design Thinking, Continuous Delivery, and Agile.

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What is IMS GOLD?

IMS GOLD is the client feedback program that is shaping the future of IBM IMS.  IMS development is now focused on continuous delivery, design thinking, and agile methodology; client feedback is more critical than ever. IMS GOLD enables the IMS Development Team to partner with our Clients to discover, co-create, incubate, and progress ideas that add business value to both of us.   IMS GOLD recognizes that the stakeholders for IBM Z software products in our client shops each have unique responsibilities, and that those individuals can best succeed within a collaborative feedback model.   As such, IMS GOLD brings together Strategic Personas (Line of Business Owners, C-Level Executives, Enterprise Architects) as well as Tactical Personas (Application Developer, System Programmer, Database Administrator) to partner and collaborate with the IMS Development organization. Our traditional previous feedback programs (QPP and CAC) were comprised of SysProgs and DBAs, and we are already seeing the benefit of expanding the circle of feedback to these new personas.     To keep IMS vital for the next 50 years, we intend to continue to expand the scope of influence to include new conversations from application developers, enterprise architects and business owners. 

How do clients benefit from IMS GOLD?

  • As an IMS GOLD feedback client, your input helps to shape the features/enhancements most relevant to your infrastructure and business needs. 
  • As a sponsor user, you can collaborate with the IMS Development team throughout the entire development cycle,  not just in the early design phases.
  • As an IMS GOLD feedback client, you will have the most current view on what’s new in the IMS development pipeline

How is the IMS GOLD Program Structured?

  • Status on new and in-progress enhancements
  • Information on new initiatives and solutions
  • Polls to simplify how you provide your feedback

Face-to-face meetings are planned and scheduled as needed. 
All IMS GOLD clients get access to previous IMS GOLD meeting recordings and artifacts. 
Members also get access to the IMS GOLD community on Slack and Discussion Forums, which will be the primary communication tools.  

How can I enroll in IMS GOLD?

Enrolling in IMS Gold is simple:
1. First, sign up for the IBM Z Client Feedback Program (zCF); it is the entry point to IMS GOLD, as well as all IBM Z software product feedback programs.  An IBM ID is required to enroll.  You will be able to identify the IBM Z products, including IMS, for which you want to provide feedback. IMS is listed as part of Operating systems and application software.
2. Second, complete and submit this form to identify both the Strategic Personas and Tactical Personas that have responsibility for IMS in your shop.  If your company firewall prevents access to the form, you can access it from a personal mobile device or tablet.

There is no fee to participate in the IMS GOLD program. However, the only qualifying criteria is that your shop registers a comprehensive feedback team with details of all strategic and tactical personas. 

What does participating as an IMS GOLD member require?

An IMS GOLD invitation will be extended to IMS clients who have signed the zCF agreement. 

  • A minimum of one of the personas listed below from the client shop accepts the invitation to join IMS GOLD, on behalf of their company, and provides their own contact information in the zCF system. The (5) Personas are Application Developer, System Programmer, Enterprise Architect, Database Administrator, and Business Executive.
  • Not all personas are required to attend every meeting; however, their information is required in the zCF system to ensure that your company has comprehensive representation within IMS GOLD. 
  • You should have the support of your company’s engagement both in regular meetings and as prospective Sponsor Users. 
  • Clients who are unable to meet or maintain an acceptable level of participation will be notified by email that their attendance in future GOLD calls could be jeopardized.
  • You should participate in regular cadence calls; the estimated time commitment per month is 1-2 hours.

Face-to-face meetings are planned and scheduled as needed.