IMS GOLD is the client feedback program for IBM IMS. Its focus aligns with Design Thinking, Continuous Delivery, and Agile. Clients who join IMS GOLD partner with IMS Development to discover, co-create, incubate, and progress ideas that provide business value. That focus on business value means we partner with both high-level/strategic Personas (Line of Business Owners, C-Level Executives, Enterprise Architects) as well as tactical Personas (Application Developer, System Programmer, Database Administrator).

Face-to-face meetings are scheduled and held twice annually, once in North America and once in Europe. These meetings are supplemented with regular cadence teleconferences and occasional Design Thinking activities at conferences at which IBM IMS is present. Not every Persona is required at each meeting.

There is no fee to participate in IMS GOLD.

Follow these steps to join IMS GOLD:

  1. Enroll in the IBM Z Client Feedback Program; an IBM ID is required.
  2. Identify the IBM Z products, including IMS, that comprise your areas of interest. IMS is listed as part of Operating systems and application software.
  3. Enroll in IMS GOLD.

If your company firewall prevents access to the enrollment form in step 3, you can access it from a personal mobile device or tablet.

IMS GOLD Program