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IMS Makerspace

A client feedback program for IBM IMS. Its focus aligns with Design Thinking, Continuous Delivery, and Agile.

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Clients who join IMS GOLD partner with IMS Development to discover, co-create, incubate, and progress ideas that provide business value. That focus on business value means we partner with both high-level/strategic Personas (Line of Business Owners, C-Level Executives, Enterprise Architects) as well as tactical Personas (Application Developer, System Programmer, Database Administrator).

Become an IMS GOLD Member

  • Enroll in the IBM Z Client Feedback Program; an IBM ID is required.
  • Identify the IBM Z products, including IMS, that comprise your areas of interest. IMS is listed as part of Operating systems and application software.
  • Enroll in IMS GOLD.
  • If your company firewall prevents access to the enrollment form in step 3, you can access it from a personal mobile device or tablet.