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An update to our popular 'Build Smart on Kubernetes' program

Kubernetes is one of the fastest-growing open source projects in history, and growth is accelerating. Adoption continues to soar among companies that employ them. In fact, more than 1,500 companies use Kubernetes in their production software stacks.

As noted in the recent O’Reilly survey, Kubernetes continues to be popular with developers with 65% of respondents preferring skills related to the underlying open source technologies (such as Linux, Kubernetes, or Istio), compared to 36% preferring skills related to a specific cloud platform.

In 2019, IBM Developer launched the OpenShift World Tour with the goal to deliver free, hands-on workshops globally to teach developers about the power of Kubernetes. The program succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Hundreds of events were held online with thousands of developers attending. Now in our third year, we’re going to continue and expand the program.

The tour continues

The OpenShift World Tour is back in 2021. In addition to the near daily digital workshops you can find online, we’re organizing a series of 3-day progressive “Hands-on Learning Journey” events in certain geographies. See the following dates for more details.

Hands-on Learning Journey event Date
North America Sep 15 – 17
Europe Feb 23 – 25
India Coming soon
Latin America Coming soon

The Build Smart on Kubernetes Hands-on Learning Journey is a free, virtual progressive workshop in 3 parts, 2 hours per day. This workshop will jump-start your understanding and experience of application development on Kubernetes featuring Red Hat OpenShift. Starting with an exploration of containers, you’ll rapidly move into a series of hands-on experiences that demonstrate why OpenShift is a rich, enterprise Kubernetes platform for development of cloud-native applications. Office hours included!

Find a workshop near you

One of the benefits of our developer advocacy program is our worldwide presence, which is put to the test during the OpenShift World Tour. You’ll be able to find events being hosted in a region near you that is time zone and language friendly.

Check out the site to find events in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, and Middle East and Africa.


All the good stuff you liked is still there

If you enjoyed the program last year, we kept the best parts of the program, our experts!


If you’re unable to attend the event, no worries. There is both self-paced learning content and video replays to watch.

Self-paced Learning Replays
Self-paced Learning Replays

Final thoughts

Find an event, sign up and attend, and continue to learn skills that will be important to your developer journey. Most importantly, have fun!