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Continue to grow your Kubernetes experience with the lab exercises guide and practical, progressive workshops in Spanish

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Many competed, six won. We’re excited to announce the winners of the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge, our most recent stop on the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour. These winners — from Canada, the United States, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom — will receive an IBM Plex-branded Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster electric guitar. Congratulations to:

  • Achim Dreyer
  • MW Bonett
  • Shashank Patel
  • Uwe Graetsch
  • Yuniet Diaz Lazo
  • Shreyas Krishnamurthy

While the official competition at Think 2021 is over, you can test your skills and grow your experience with Kubernetes by participating in the lab exercises and workshops. Explore the lab exercise guide, complete the exercises, and demonstrate what you learned by earning the Build Smart on Kubernetes Badge. Lab exercises include elements of the following topics and workflows:

  • Learn about Red Hat OpenShift basics (featuring Node.js)
  • Develop cloud-native apps on Red Hat OpenShift with Open Liberty
  • Use deep learning micoservices to explore AI integration on Red Hat OpenShift
  • Explore environment customization and application development using Operators
  • Automate CI/CD with OpenShift Pipelines

Now we’re going back on tour with a 3-day stop for the Build Smart on Kubernetes LATAM practical, progressive workshops in Spanish from June 22 to 24. The Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour is a series of hands-on workshops designed to empower developers to innovate more and ship faster with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. Join a Kubernetes training session online or near you and get hands-on experience to build applications with speed, agility, and confidence. Stay tuned for new workshop dates and regions that will be added regularly.