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A quick virtual tour of new site content, including self-paced learning options

Without a doubt, Kubernetes is one of hottest open tech projects today and has been so for many years now. The reason for its durable, not-so-secret success? It’s the ability to containerize code, which frees developers from the constraint of writing code for one platform only and instead gives you the freedom of write-once, deploy-anywhere development. And why is this important? Enterprises know that the fastest route to app modernization depends on the ability to develop solutions that protect current tech investments, which likely run across multiple cloud platforms on and off premises. In other words, success depends on your ability to build solutions once and deploy them across multiple hybrid cloud platforms. Yep, containers tech delivers all of that and more.

With that baseline, I’m writing to let you know that when it comes to learning Kubernetes, the IBM Developer advocates team has you completely covered with the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour. Since we launched the World Tour back in the fall of 2019, the team has delivered literally hundreds of free hands-on workshops globally to teach developers about the power of Kubernetes. It’s all part of the IBM Developer Way, delivering on our sole mission to teach the world’s developers about open tech through hands-on workshops and supporting content such as blog posts, tutorials, and videos. With the recent launch of new content on the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour site, it feels like a good time to provide a quick virtual tour of all that the site offers. Visit the updated site to find more than just upcoming tour events, but also self-paced learning options. You can now choose whether you learn at your own pace by viewing recorded content, register for upcoming live events, or, even better, both. I’m going to review each section to show you the details.

Your choice to join an upcoming live event or launch self-paced learning

Screen capture of the header for the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour website page

Your experience starts on the header, where you can either view upcoming live events or opt for self-paced learning

Find a workshop

Let’s start with the option of viewing upcoming live events within the Find a workshop section. The IBM Developer advocates team is delivering events fully digitally in these times of COVID-19 to protect your health and safety. In a digital world, it doesn’t really matter anymore where the event actually takes place, but it does matter when it takes place. You can opt to see events in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, or Middle East and Africa time zones by clicking the corresponding tabs. The fun part is that nothing is stopping you from attending, for example, an Australia-based event if you are located in North America or any other geographic location. Only your time zone preference for working hours matters. It’s perfect for night owls who are looking for 24×7 content.

I am really excited about the new Past workshops replays section. Whether the event occurs during an inconvenient time zone or perhaps you simply missed it, you can view most replays in this new section.

Screen capture of the Find a workshop section of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour website page Screen capture of the Past workshops section of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour website page

Self-paced learning

Now let’s look at the new Self-paced learning section, which I’m excited about as well. If you missed the early days of the World Tour, this section offers a great way to learn the basics before you join an upcoming live event.

Screen capture of the Self-paced learning section of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour website page

Whether you are looking for introductory, intermediate, or advanced Kubernetes training, the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour site has everything that you need to get started on your learning path. Timely introductory and intermediate tutorials provide great examples of how to analyze COVID-19 data with Kubernetes and Red Hat® OpenShift®. In the advanced series, you can dive into the worlds of Quarkus, Helm, and Java.

Additional resources

Screen capture of the Additional resources section of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour website page

If you learn best through videos, view the Additional resources section for a 5-part series about cloud-native development and microservices with our very own Mo Haghighi, a developer advocate from IBM Developer Europe.

Stay informed and meet the experts

Screen capture of the Stay informed and Meet the experts sections of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour website page

The final two sections of the site provide further support of your learning journey. In the Stay informed section, you can subscribe to our newsletters to hear about upcoming events and the latest containers content. In the Meet the experts section, you can connect with the worldwide developer advocates who develop and lead our Kubernetes workshops. Find an advocate and follow their social media channels to get even more updates from their unique perspectives.

I hope this quick site tour was helpful. If you’re anxious to get started quickly after reading this post, I highly recommend the newest video, OpenShift vs. Kubernetes for developers, by Mo Haghighi. Watching this 5-minute video might be the most productive part of your day.

I hope to see you at an upcoming World Tour event! Rock on, developers!