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Get COBOL basics and find out how it's being used in today's mainframes

In early July, I had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Nic Raboy on The Polyglot Developer podcast:

The Polyglot Developer Podcast, Episode 38: COBOL Development on the Mainframe.

Nic reached out when COBOL hit the news this spring to get some background on what COBOL is good for historically, and where it lives in the modern infrastructure stack. I was able to talk about the basics of COBOL and the COBOL standard, strengths today in concert with the latest mainframes, and how COBOL back-end code is now being integrated into front ends via intermediary databases and data-interchange formats like JSON, which COBOL natively supports.

Additionally, I provided resources for developers today who are interested in learning COBOL, including the new Open Mainframe Project COBOL Programming Course.