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Observability-driven development using Instana

In this episode of our Developer Diaries series, JJ & Chris do a bit of pair programming to show how developers can use Instana for observability-driven development.

Observability-driven development

JJ & Chris begin the detective work of debugging a 500 Internal Server Error on a website. Chris demos using Instana to trace user requests to discover where the issue is.

The observability era

Listen to Chris explain how Instana can help battle Murphy’s law to record every single request (instead of sampling the data, and missing the sporadic errors). As a developer, you work with more environments and more technologies than ever, and observability and observability-driven development helps show us the big picture and show how our services interact directly and indirectly.

The multicloud advantage

Listen to JJ explain why observability in a multicloud environment is such a game changer for developers. As developers work in the cloud-native ecosystem and break down apps into microservices and then deploy them to Red Hat OpenShift leveraging the multicloud (Azure, AWS, and IBM Cloud) option, observability into this multicloud environment allows us to debug issues quicker and easier than ever before.

Summary and next steps

For more information on the real-time benefits of observability and beyond, be sure to check out Max Shapiro’s AIOps session during Track 3 of the Hybrid Cloud Digital Developer’s Conference.

Learn more about how IBM Observability by Instana APM provides a comprehensive observability platform for environments from bare metal machines to hybrid multicloud deployments.

Are you ready to try your hand at observability-driven development with Instana? Try out the Monitor the performance of your microservice app code pattern.