Hands-on Learning Journey

Learn how to build, run, and manage applications with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

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Hands-on Learning Journey

Learn how to build, run, and manage applications with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

About the conference

The Build Smart on Kubernetes Hands-on Learning Journey is a free, virtual progressive workshop in 3 parts, 2 hours per day. This workshop will jumpstart your understanding and experience of application development on Kubernetes featuring Red Hat OpenShift. Starting with an exploration of containers, you’ll rapidly move into a series of hands-on experiences which demonstrate why OpenShift is a rich, enterprise Kubernetes platform for development of cloud-native applications.

About the conference

This track will give developers an insights into key technologies required to rapidly build secure applications that can be managed and optimized across multiple cloud providers.

3 days of developer sessions

Live interactive coding and deployment sessions

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Day 1: September 15, 2020

  • Speakers: Nigel Brown

    Whether you're brand new to OpenShift or have been using it to deploy for quite some time, there's something for you here in the kickoff to this learning journey. Today's theme is getting up and running. We'll talk briefly about what containers are, how they work, and how they became dominant in modern day deployment. From there we'll talk a bit about orchestration and Kubernetes with a demo of deploying an application to a Kubernetes cluster. Then, we'll get our hands on with OpenShift walking through the dashboard and working through the process of deploying and maintaining an app with OpenShift.

Day 2: September 16, 2020

  • Speakers: Nigel Brown

    Now that we've gotten acquainted with OpenShift a bit, together we'll demonstrate more of how to use in practice. One of the amazing things that make working with Kubernetes and OpenShift easier are Operators. They hold tremendous potential for creating better automation, observability, and repeatability in our workloads. After a deep dive on how they work, how to use them, and even how to create your own, we'll extend our application from day 1 with an operator.

Day 3: September 17, 2020

  • Speakers: Jj AsgharMasa AbushamlehNigel Brown

    We've already accomplished a lot by getting up and running and then learning about some tools for automating the operation of our cluster, but we're going to take it a step further by extending our cluster's capability even more with OpenShift Pipelines. You may already be familiar with concepts Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Tekton is an open-source Kubernetes native project for creating these systems. We see Tekton in practice through OpenShift Pipelines. We'll talk about pipelines and cover another method of creating development loops before working through a project demonstrating the use of pipelines.

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We've assembled the best technical leaders across IBM and Red Hat to share their expertise and help elevate your skills with the open source you want for the technology you need.

Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour

The Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour is a series of hands-on workshops that empower developers to innovate more and ship faster with one of the leading hybrid cloud, enterprise container platforms. Join us at a workshop online or near you and get hands-on experience to build applications with speed, agility, and confidence. New workshop dates and regions added regularly.

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