Digital Developer Conference

Data & AI

November 24 (India & Asia Pacific)

with on-demand pre-conference starting November 3

About the conference

Register for free and get ready to build smart and secure data and AI solutions on hybrid cloud with trust, resilience, and robustness. During the conference, you'll grow your expertise on IBM and open source technologies to build AI-centric platforms. Our selection of developer experts and clients guide you through the essentials, experiences, and exercises to make AI a worthwhile investment.

Plus, get a head start with select tracks opening up for on-demand viewing before the live date so you can make the most of the live experience on the 24th.

Reasons to attend

Focused on the AI development community of architects, data scientists, data engineers, developers, and machine learning practitioners, this conference provides a free opportunity to explore the challenges faced when working with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning neural networks.

Learn data science and machine learning skills from trusted developer experts. See how other businesses found success by infusing AI into their business with trust and security, and how you can do the same. Get the latest from IBM Research and the open source community on deep learning neural networks and what it means for the industry, plus best practices for your next data competition or open source collaboration.

Your path to AI, ML, and data science certification

During the conference, you’ll earn digital badges from your time spent in the Data & AI Essentials Course—a great way to show your prowess with collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, infusing models, and more. Between this course, the labs, and the rest of the agenda, you’ll have a roadmap to AI, ML, and data science success, capped off with a professional certificate or specialization from Coursera

Join us for a watch party livestream

Going live during the conference, take a break from learning for some livestreaming fun. Join the watch party and hang out with conference speakers and IBM Developer Advocates while they talk tech, do some live coding, and answer your questions.

4 dedicated tracks + live watch party

Complete agenda coming soon. Register now and be the first to know.

AI in Production

Clients share their challenges, and how they overcame them, through architectural and tooling solutions. Session topics include deploying models on the edge, cloud-based AI development environments, building personalized messaging at scale with AI, and the latest from IBM Research.

5 Hands-on Labs

Focused on the next level AI, ML, and data science these detailed walkthrough cover common design patterns used by developers today for the challenges of tomorrow. Session topics include AI fairness and bias detection and mitigation, deep reinforcement learning in finance, and building AutoAI pipeline for cyberthreat detection.

Data & AI Essentials Course

A condensed version of our popular end-to-end AI course, covering the complete AI ladder: collecting, organizing, and cleansing your data as well as building and infusing AI Models.

Data Competitions & Open Source

Experienced data scientists share best practices on model accuracy and winning data competitions, plus get the latest on the future of open source and state-of-the-art AI and ML, and be the first to learn about a new data competition from IBM.

Watch Party Livestream

IBM Developer Advocates Spencer Krum, JJ Ashgar, and Matt Hamilton host a watch party during the conference. Sessions speakers and other developer experts stop by to hang out, do some live coding, and answer your questions.

Call for Code Spot Challenge on Wildfires

At the upcoming Digital Developer Conference Data & AI, you'll hear about the Call for Code Spot Challenge on Wildfires. The objective will be to forecast wildfires in Australia during the month of February 2021. We are excited to share an extract from Weather Operations Center Geospatial Analytics component (PAIRS Geoscope) with data going back to 2005 and sessions to help you get started. Do join us.

Industry-recognized data and AI skills

Build smart and secure data and AI solutions on hybrid cloud—essentials, experiences, and labs for devs, data scientists and engineers, and architects.

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Earn digital badges

A digital badge is an online, sharable, industry-recognizable form of achievement. Use them to showcase your hard work, knowledge, and commitment to professional growth.

Special offer from IBM & Coursera

An exclusive offer to attendees of the conference, get a free specialization or professional certification on the following AI, ML, and data science courses:

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization
IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Restrictions apply. Offer valid only for attendees to the conference. Offer expires March 30, 2021. Offer may not be combined with other discounts. Additional details provided after registration.