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Mainframes and Open Source, a Partnership made in Heaven

Today Open Source Software (OSS) is more prevalent than in any other era and continues to grow the latest technologies especially in the areas of Data Science and AI. In this session, you are going to hear the latest on the state of Data and AI OSS for the IBM Z and LinuxONE platforms.
Traditionally known as mainframes, IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE platforms host the most crucial business functions across industries. For decades, they have continued to enhance their technology in high-speed transaction processing, capacity for very large volumes of transactions, best-in-class security, and second-to-none resiliency. IBM Z and LinuxONE are mission-critical platforms that tightly integrate AI/ML/DL applications with data and core business systems that reside in the same platform. In other words, they provide a secure high-performance environment to bring AI, ML, and DL to existing transactional applications and deliver real-time insights and predictions.
Come and learn about the large and growing ecosystem of Data & AI OSS as well as an inside on how open source innovation is driving commercial offerings, for example, IBM Cloud Paks and IBM Watson.