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IBM Db2 Event Store is an in-memory database designed for massive structured data volumes and real-time analytics built on Apache SPARK and Apache Parquet Data Format. The solution is optimized for event-driven data processing and analysis, and it can support emerging applications that are driven by events such as IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce. It is flexible, scalable and can adapt quickly to your changing business needs over time.

It includes capabilities such as:

  • Fast data ingest
  • Real-time analytics over all ingested data with queries that are faster than SparkSQL
  • High Availability and ACID transaction support
  • Built for Hybrid Cloud with open source technologies including Spark and Parquet
  • Deployment via Docker or Kubernetes

Event-driven application development

Event driven applications are increasing in popularity because of their agility and ability to be easily changed. The format for event-driven applications is based on a series of microservices that perform specific tasks, with an “application process’ microservice that controls the handoff from one microservice to another.

With this background, Event Store is a microservice that will allow application developers to write Event Driven Business applications against its data store. Here are some typical use cases:

  • Telecommunications Mobile Industry where you always want to keep track of location of userst
  • Banking and Finance Industry where you want to always monitor customer transactions and prevent payment fraud and cybersecurity threats
  • Retail Business where you want to keep track of where your customers are in the store via mobile and offer them time based offers depending on their location and others