IBM Debater® Sentiment Composition Lexicons


This resource addresses sentiment composition – predicting the sentiment of a phrase from the interaction between its constituents. For example, in the phrases “reduced bureaucracy” and “fresh injury”, both “reduced” and “fresh” are followed by a negative word. However, “reduced” flips the negative polarity, resulting in a positive phrase, while “fresh” propagates the negative polarity to the phrase level, resulting in a negative phrase. Accordingly, “reduced” is part of our “reversers” lexicon, and “fresh” is part of the “propagators” lexicon.

The dataset includes:

  1. ReleaseNotes.docx – release notes file describing the data
  2. SEMANTIC_CLASSES.xlsx – the composition lexicons for reversers, propagators, and dominators
  3. ADJECTIVES.xlsx – the composition lexicons for two gradable adjective pairs (high-low, fast-slow) and their expansion list
  4. LEXICON_UG.txt – the unigrams sentiment lexicon
  5. LEXICON_BG.txt – the bigrams sentiment lexicon

SENANTIC_CLASSES.xlsx This file contains the lists of the semantic classes words for each type. For each semantic class (reversers, propagators, and dominators) there are two tabs in the Excel file, one for a positive composition (POS) and one for negative composition (NEG). Overall there are 6 tabs: DOMINATOR_NEG, DOMINATOR_POS, PROPAGETOR_POS, PROPAGETOR_NEG, REVERSER_POS, REVERSER_NEG.

ADJECTIVES.xlsx This file contains the lists of the semantic classes words for the gradable adjective pairs.

  • (HIGH,LOW)_POS_NEG, (HIGH,LOW)_NEG_POS: the lists of words for ADJ high/low.
  • (FAST,SLOW)_POS_NEG, (FAST,SLOW)_NEG_POS: the lists of words for ADJ fast/slow.
  • ADJECTIVE_EXPANSION: the list of adjective expansions for high, low, fast, slow.

LEXICON_UG.txt A list of 66058 unigrams and their predicted sentiment score. Note that in the paper, for unigrams that have sentiment in the HL lexicon (the publicly-available sentiment lexicon of Hu and Liu (2004)), we used the original sentiment from the HL lexicon (+1 or -1) and not the predicted score. This step is not reflected in the released lexicon.

LEXICON_BG.txt A list of 262555 selected bigrams in the following format:

  • Column 1: the bigram
  • Column 2: the OpenNLP POS tags of its unigrams
  • Column 3: the predicted sentiment score

Dataset Metadata

Format License Domain Number of Records Size Originally Published
CC-BY-SA 3.0 Sentiment Analysis 2,783 words
66,058 unigrams
262,555 bigrams
10MB 2018-06-07


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and Roy Bar-Haim
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  • Project Debater Project Debater is the first AI system that can debate humans on complex topics. The goal is to help people build persuasive arguments and make well-informed decisions. This dataset contributed to training the models in Project Debater.