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Getting started with application modernization


To understand what it means to modernize an application, this learning path will not only introduce the key concepts and skills for application modernization but also walk you through a sample application — both the legacy monolith application and the modernized micorservices application.

Skill level

Beginner to intermediate

Estimated time to complete

Approximately 4 hours.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this learning path, you will be able to:

  • Explain why and how you should modernize your applications
  • Describe the key application modernization strategies
  • Explain the role that containers and microservices play in application modernization
  • Containerize a legacy application
  • Modernize the runtime of a legacy application
  • Refactor a monolithic legacy application into microservices using the Strangler pattern
  • Separate frontends and build micro-frontends for your modernized application