Get started with Distributed AI APIs


This learning path is designed to give you an overview of the Distributed AI APIs, a set of RESTful web services with data and AI algorithms to support AI applications across distributed hybrid cloud and edge environments. The objective of this learning path is to show the capabilities of the Distributed AI APIs while keeping the material consumable.

To follow the learning path, you should be familiar with Python as well as the basic terminology around AI and machine learning. You’ll need a system (Linux®, Windows, or Mac) with Python 3.8, a web browser with access to the internet, an IBM ID, and trial API keys.

Skill level

Beginner to Intermediate

Estimated time to complete

Approximately 1 hour.

Learning objectives

This learning path covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Distributed AI
  • Distributed AI APIs
  • CoreSets API
  • Model Fusion API
  • Federated DataOps API
  • Model Management API
  • Model Compression API