Calories don’t count if festivals are around the corner, right? And the end of the year is time for feasting. Here is your first Continuous Delivery (CD) update for Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS (ADFz). In September, we released ADFz 3.2, starting the 3.2 release stream with our signature dish of Day One support for z15 accompanied by integrated DevOps toolchain enhancements. We continue with ADFz 3.2.1, released December 6. 2019, where the main feature is shift left testing, accompanied by ongoing delivery of customer requirements.

We dedicate this special treat to all the developers across the globe. This will be our last release for this year until we are back in 2020, as always with a bang.

Here are some highlights from ADFz 3.2.1

• IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition is a superset of IBM Developer for z/OS and Debug for z/OS with value add capabilities like Dependency Based Build (DBB).

IBM Developer for z/OS V14.2.1 provides new automated unit testing capabilities for CICS Db2 programs that can help alleviate the burdens of manual testing and allow for testing early and often. Because this offering is tightly integrated into developer environments, unit testing can become a daily practice for z/OS application developers.
• Details on What’s new in IDz14.1.2 here
• Details on What’s new in Debug here
• Details on What’s new in DBB to follow soon, Watch this space.

Application Performance Analyzer (APA) helps you identify z/OS application performance and response time problems, and assists in reducing resource consumption. Here are details of What’s in the release

Fault Analyzer (FA) simplifies the process of diagnosing z/OS application abends. Please see the details of What’s new here

File Manager provides a comprehensive set of tools for efficiently manipulating z/OS data. Here are more details on What’s new with FM.

We hope you enjoyed your treats this year…We wish you a very Happy Holidays and New Year

Additional Information

  • DevOps Acceleration Program : A value-add early adoption program designed to partner with clients in their DevOps transformation..
  • Want to master IDz? Visit the Self paced Traning.
  • To download the latest compatible levels of the IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua software stack, visit the Mainframe Dev Center downloads page.
  • Visit the the ADFz website to explore technical topics, and connect with the developer community.
  • Let us know what additional functionalities you need in ADFz by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.
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