Microservice Builder Beta

Focus on app development, not the framework

End-to-end user experience to develop and deliver microservices, hybrid and containerized apps

Create and run your first project in 3 steps:

Beta Right now you need a Bluemix account. We’re working to make this simpler!


Download and Install

Install prerequisites

Download and Install Bluemix CLI

(Need a different platform?)

  • Install the Developer plugin
bx plugin install -r Bluemix dev Copy
Learn more about install

Create and Code

Log in to Bluemix

bx login -a Copy
  • Create an account here if you do not already have one

Create a project

bx dev create Copy
  • This generates a project to get you started

Code a project using your favorite editor or IDE

Learn more about creating a project

Run and Deploy

Run your project

bx dev run Copy
  • Change to your project directory before running

Debug your project

bx dev debug Copy

These will build your project and run it inside a container on your local system

Learn more about running, debugging, and testing

Ready for the next step? Learn how to setup your fabric and pipeline, and deploy on Minikube or IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers


New to microservices?

Continuous innovation requires delivering software faster, consistently and reliably at scale. We provide you with Microservice Builder, a turnkey approach that enables you to learn, build, run, and manage applications in a microservices framework.

Use Microservice Builder for all your application development needs

Microservice Builder delivers a turnkey solution incorporating runtime, tools, DevOps, fabric, and customer-managed container orchestration.

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    Build and run locally
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    Test and deploy
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    Run and manage

Build and run locally

Begin developing your microservices locally in minutes using a Java and based programming model and tools.

  • Application
  • Dev Environment
  • Pipeline
  • Fabric


Programming model
By getting started quickly using our programming model and tools, a developer can focus on the code that matters to their application
Isolate config sources outside of the service itself, allowing for dynamic config changes without restarting an application
Fault tolerance
Use Failsafe to build resilient microservices, with a fault tolerance model covering crucial features such as Retries, Fallback, Bulkhead, Timeout, and Circuit Breakers
Dependency injection (CDI)
Dependency Injection allows for a loose-coupling model for developing microservices
Securely connect your services using Open ID Connect and JWT
Websphere Liberty is a fast, dynamic, easy-to-use Java EE application server, that is ideal for developers but also ready for production

Dev Environment

Bluemix CLI
Use a command line interface to easily start building apps for WebSphere Liberty, a Java EE application server

Test and deploy

Use a Docker container focus and DevOps best practices to test and deploy on a Kubernetes-based solution.

  • Application
  • Dev Environment
  • Pipeline
  • Fabric


CI/CD engine
Automate the implementation and integration of continuous delivery using Jenkins
Docker registry
Control where Docker images are stored and how they are distributed using Docker Registry


Service routing
Manage secure inter-service communication in Kubernetes through the use of Ingress
Secure inter-service communication at the transport level through the generation of key and trust stores using Kubernetes.

Run and manage

Enable your team’s ability to ensure the health and responsiveness of your microservices in production

  • Application
  • Dev Environment
  • Pipeline
  • Fabric


Ensure reliable operation of your microservices through visibility of vendor and application specific data
Health check
Probe the state of a computing node (service instance) to determine if it needs to be discarded and replaced by another instance


IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers
Manage your on-premises, containerized applications through a server platform that includes a Docker container manager and a Kubernetes based container orchestrator
Logging analytics
Discover actionable insights from the vast amounts of log data created by microservices using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana

MicroProfile Showcase Application

Go beyond “Hello World” and dive into building a Web Services Conference Application that consists of several microservices