From Blockchain to Containers to AI to Operating Systems – and everything in between-our developers are creating emerging open source projects and surrounding them with code, docs, and supporting materials, so you can join the innovation

Get your hands on the code

There are a number of ways that you can partner with us to create open source technology, including:

Open source projects created by IBM

Open source technology underlies many of our products, and much of that innovative open tech starts at IBM. We train, equip, and encourage our employees to engage in open source and to create open projects that solve our clients’ problems or their own personal development problems. Here are a few of the open source projects developed at IBM. We hope you’ll check out the GitHub repos, reach out to the maintainers, and join us.

Model Asset eXchange (MAX)

The Model Asset eXhange is a place for developers to find and use free and open source deep learning models. Browse dozens of different models, get started with our easy-to-follow tutorials, or join our community and contribute your own models.